6 nimmt! (Take 5!) - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 2-8 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

The Goal of the Game


Each player is dealt 10 cards from the deck of 104 cards. The cards are numbered 1 to 104. Each card has 1 more ox heads on it. The goal is to take as few ox heads as possible. The winner is the player that has taken the fewest ox heads. 4 cards rows are shown on the table and 4 cards are drawn from the deck, one is placed in each row. There can never be more than 5 cards in any row. Each turn all players select a card secretly. Once everyone has selected a card, then cards are revealed and played.

The cards are then played in order of lowest to highest, using the following rules.

  • Ascending Numerical order: A card can only be added to a row if it is higher than the last card placed in that row.
  • Lowest Difference. If a card can be added to more than 1 row, it is added to the row who's last card is closest in value to that card.
Stich erhalten

What happens if this row is already full?

If a player plays a card that can NOT be placed in any row, that player must take all the cards from any row of their choice. The card played then becomes the first card in that row. If a card must be added(by rules 1 and 2) to a row that already has 5 cards, that player must pick up all the cards in that row. The card played then becomes the first card in that row.

Special Circumstances:

If a card is lower than the lowest played right card of each row, the player must select (by clicking) one of the four rows - and receive the appropriate penalty points. It is best to take the row which penalizes the fewest points. The card played is placed in the first position of the row chosen.

After each player has played all 10 cards from their hand, the round is over. The game ends when one or more players have taken a least 66 ox heads. The player with the fewest ox heads wins.

The Interface

Each player's cards are shown at the bottom of the screen. To select a card, just click on it. If your card is lower any of the cards in the 4 rows, then click on the row you wish to take. The 'hand' symbol will show you which cards you have left to play.

Game Options


In this option, only the cards with the values 1 to (10 x number of players + 4) are used, [e.g. with five players only cards 1 - 54 would be used].


At the beginning of each hand, the cards are selected one by one by each player.


With this option cards can be set on the left of or right on the rows. Be careful since the smallest difference/delta between the card being played and the possible target cards defines whether the card will be placed at the beginning of a row or end of a row. is to the left and/or right map each row. Example: a row ends with 13, another begins with 23. No other row begins or ends with a value between them. Card 18 would therefore be placed to the right of the 13. A following 21 card would be placed to the left of the 23.