Atlantis - Quick Rules

This is a summary guide focussing on online play of Atlantis. Knowledge of the rules is required to understand it.

Game Board

  1. Starting tile - Atlantis
  2. Track tiles with a value of 1-7
  3. Watery gap
  4. Bridge
  5. Destination tile - Continent
  6. Player Dashboard
  1. Name of player and current points
  2. Player's Cards
  3. Bridge indicator (if player has already built it or not)
  4. Number of cards in hand
  5. Tiles Collected/Scored

Move a meeple

To move a meeple, the player must select the meeple he wishes to move first. Then the tiles this meeple can reach according to the movement cards in hand are shown.

Mögliche Züge

Example: Player green has selected the meeple on the bottom left. The movement cards in his hand are blue, gray, brown and pink (one of each). The green arrows now show the tiles he can reach during this turn. Next to the arrows, on the right, the player can see the cards needed for this move. To reach the grey One, the player only needs a grey card. To move forward to the grey Four, the player can play the pink card first. Because the pink Two is already occupied, he has to play another card. By playing the grey card he can jump to the next grey tile, the grey Four. He has two possibilities to reach the brown Two or the blue Seven. Either he jumps there directly by playing a brown or blue card or he can play the pink card first to reach this tile with two cards. To select the desired tile, the player clicks on the corresponding coloured point next to the green arrow. If green intends to jump to the blue Seven with only one movement card he has to click on the point marked by the red circle

To build a bridge click on the desired water tile.

Brücke bestätigen

To finish building the bridge, click on the confirmation field


The price for a jump including gaps can be seen by moving the mouse over the corresponding green arrow.


After choosing a movement and selecting the corresponding coloured point, a window opens in case that a gap must be crossed. This window shows how many points have to be paid, using either collected track tiles or cards in hand.

Bezahlung auswählen

In order to pay, the player moves the mouse over his name and chooses the desired points and/or selects some of his cards in hand. If he has reached the price this way, he confirms by clicking on the green checkmark

Be careful: it is possible to overpay (either intentionally or by accident! If for example a player has to pay only one point, but he has only higher tiles and no cards in hand left, he must overpay! This means he has to give away a valuable tile, losing points. If a player does not pay attention while choosing the correct tiles or decides again during the selection, he should always verify the number next to the checkmark in order to avoid overpaying by accident.

Since the player has not collected a tile with a value of seven, he has to mix in this example: he chooses the blue Five and two additional cards from his hand.


Special case: If a player is not able to carry out a legal move with the cards in his hand, he must skip his turn. He is compensated for this with two additional cards in hand.

Karten kaufen

At the beginning of his turn a player can buy movement cards by giving up a tile Points. To do this they must move the mouse onto their name to display the tile points. They can then choose a tile and receive half the value (rounded down) in cards.