Auf Achse (Convoy) - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 2-6 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game

Players are competing truckers, trying to plan the most efficient routes and make the most money. The winner is the player who has the most money at the end of the game.

Game Board

  1. Status display with trailer supply and public contract draw pile.
  2. Contract Cards
  3. Player Dashboard
  4. Game Event
  5. Actions in Play

You can use the right mouse button to drag the screen or use the scroll wheel instead.


The player's name is bordered by his color. When it is his turn his whole panel is in his color.

The left symbol shows the player's contract card status. In this example ARMistice has four cards, two of which have been picked up and are in transit. By clicking on the symbol you can display your contracts.

The middle symbol shows how much capacity your trucks can carry. The default capacity is six units. This capacity can be increased via the use of an extended trailer (see below). Here ARMistice has seven of his possible 10 spaces occupied by goods. By clicking on the symbol, it will clear the contracts or event cards from the display.

The symbol on the right shows the number of event cards collected. You can click on the symbol to show your event cards.

If you want to prevent the Player Dashboard moving off the screen while scrolling, you can 'pin' it by using the red pin at the top right.

The contract cards are shown to the left of the player's score display. The white contracts have already been picked up whilst the grey have not yet been started. YOu can rearrange the ordering by right clicking the mouse.

Starting The Game

Each player receives €5000 venture capital at the beginning of game and three private contracts. The remaining contract cards are used to create a draw pile (12/16/20/24/24 cards with 2/3/4/5/6 players). Four cards are available on display. You can view these by clicking on the deck symbol in the top right of the status bar.

Each player now places his truck on a starting space (which isn't necessarily a city).

Contract Cards

The contract cards are the most important element of the game.


The top section defines the start and destination. In this example the route is from Bern to Graz.

The middle section shows two numbers. The left number is the quantity of goods to be transported. The number to the right is the payout for completing this contract.

At the bottom are the bidding levels. The red number shows the possible purchase prices and the black number shows the corresponding net profits.

Flow of the game

At the beginning of the turn, two dice are rolled automatically. Players can take actions in any order. Except for moving the truck, all other actions are optional. If the number rolled is a 1 to 5, these are his movement points for this turn. He may move his truck one space for each movement point he rolled. Each space may only be occupied by one truck. Following trucks have to miss one space, if they would reach a space, which is allready occupied. However, it is allowed to pass another players truck in either direction. A player has to move his whole number of movement points. The only exeption to this rule is, that he may forfeit movement points if he reaches a start or destination city of one of his contracts and if he reaches a "Traffic Jam" or "Road Construction" marker.

Effects of the dice

There are two special events from the dice:


A player rolling a one (or changing a six to a one, see below) can move his truck one space and then must shift or bring into play a Road Contruction sign. This sign is placed on an empty space and closes that stretch of road. No truck can pass this space. The Road Construction sign can not be placed on a city or an occupied space.


If you roll a 6 you can modify the die roll to any nuber between 1 and 6. This can make it easier to move to enable a public contract auction (see "Purchase of Public Contracts").

Moving the truck


Upon choosing one of the dice, all fields that can be reached are marked in a certain colour. Green fields can be reached exactly, yellow fields cannot be reached directly with this number. If both variants are possible, the field will be marked with both colors, divided in the middle. After choosing your die confirm with ok and click on the field you want to reach. The maximum number of trucks on a field is two, except for cities, where any number of trucks can stand at the same time. Moving your truck is optional. If you stop at a city, you cannot go on later during your round. Leftover points can be forfeited.

Loading Trucks


If your truck has enough space available for cargo, before or after movement, you can click on the "Load Truck" button and then the contract to be fulfilled. If you have enough capacity, you can carry out many contracts simultaneously.

Unloading Trucks


Unloading your truck is done in a similar way when you reach the destination city stated in your contract.

Buying Trailers


You can increase the capacity of your truck by purchasing as many trailers as you want. Clikc on the "Buy Trailer" symbol and then select the size you wish. There are four trailers of each type. The load capaicty 4 trailer costs €2,000 / and the 6 trailer costs €3,000. The number of trailers left is shown in the top status bar. The left number is #4 trailers, the right the #6 trailers.

Selling Trailers


If you wish to sell a trailer before the end of the game, click the Sell Trailer symbol and confirm the sale. If you have trailers of both sizes, the smaller is sold. The resale value of either size trailer is €500. No money is received for trailers at the end of the game.


If you wish to end your turn and pass it to the next player, click on the Green "Move On" button.

Purchase of public contracts


When a player lands on a city by full count, he must either declare an auction of one of the four displayed contracts or discard the first (leftmost) contract displayed. A new contract is then drawn from the deck. If the draw pile is exhausted then only the remaining contracts may be selected.

You can drag the window using the right mouse button.



If the active player elects to hold an auction on a public contract, players can bid higher or pass (in turn order). Whoever passes is eliminated from the auction. Bids can only be selected from the cost shown on the card (bid values 1-5).

The active player only has to match the highest bid, he does not have to outbid the other players. After all players have passed, the bidding ends. The player with the highest bid recieves the contract and must pay the price according to his bid. If no player places a bid, the active player recieves the contract for free.


Event Cards

Event spaces are marked with a red and white triangle. Whoever lands exactly on one of these spaces receives an event card from the deck and takes the required action. On completion, the card out of the game.

Some cards must be acted on immediately, some take effect upon fulfillment of a contract, and others can be saved and used later on in the game.

Ereigniskarte einsetzen

To activate an event card, click on the "Event Card" button and then select the card to be played.


Beside the road works sign, a sign indicating traffic jams can be brought into the game via event cards. It follows the same rules as the road works sign (transit impossible), but it perishes after one full round and can be placed on cities as well.

Ending the Game

The game ends as soon as there are no more public contracts and any player has completed all of their private contracts. It doesn't matter in which order these occur. The player with the most money wins the game