Bazaar - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 1-6 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game

To exchange the gems you have for other gems (in the exchange) and purchase sets of gems (on the tables) to amass the most points.

Game Board

  1. The Exchange
  2. Player's name, score and gems
  3. Market Stalls with gem combinations
  4. Number of Combinations left
  5. Status Indicator

The Rugs


On the right and left of the board are the rugs, where the players sit and collect gems. Each turn a player will modify their gem collection here.

Gem Stall


There are four Market Stalls each providing a combination of five gems which the players are trying to acquire. Each purchase you acquire gains you points.

Flow of the game

Each turn consists of the following phases, which must be played in this order:

  1. Draw or Exchange
  2. Buy (at the Gem stall)
  3. Click 'Next' arrow

A purchase without having first drawn or exchanged, is not allowed!


Edelstein nachziehen

By clicking on the treasure chest you can draw a new gem.

Wild card

Edelstein aussuchen

If a wildcard appears when you click the treasure chest, you may select a gem of any colour.



The exchange is located in the middle of the game board and may be used in both directions. If you want a combination of gems shown on the left side by providing the gems shown on the right side of the exchange, hover over the diamond symbol and move your mouse to change the symbol to the direction desired. Now, just click on the gem combination that you want to receive in exchange.

In this example you can acquire a red gem by trading in a yellow, blue and green gem


You may also do the inverse.

You can acquire a yellow, blue and green gem by trading in a red gem.


If you want to purchase a gem combination after drawing or exchanging, just click on the desired gem stall. The gems required are removed automatically and the points immediately awarded.

End your turn


If you made a purchase, the game automatically goes to the next player. If you do not wish to purchase after drawing or exchanging, clicking on the 'Next' arrow.


If, following a purchase, more stones are on the player's carpet, those remain, and the player may use them in the next round.

The number of points awarded for a purchase depends on how many gems are left over after the purchase. If you have exactly the five gems needed to purchase one of the four combination displayed in a stall, you get all of the points available. The more gems left after the transaction, the fewer the points you receive.

Moreover, the purchase of the gemstone combinations with at least four stones of the same color are more lucrative than purchases of easier combinations.

Teppich vor und nach dem Kauf

In this example, Nessi only scores two points. It was a "cheap" combination and she had two gems left over (all the gem stalls were still available).

All Gem Stalls RemainingPointsEmpty Gem Stall(s)
# of remaining Gems0123+# of remaining Gems
Cheap Combination (varying stones)5321
Valuable Combination (4 or 5 the same)8532Cheap Combination (varying stones)
12853Valuable Combination (4 or 5 the same)

There are six available gem combinations stacked Oat each Gem Stall. If all the Gem Stalls have gem combinations left, there is a lower scoring possibility. If at least one Gem Stall is empty, a higher scoring possibility applies. (See left and right portions of the above table).

At these Gem Stalls you can gain a maximum of 12 points per transaction.

End of the Game

Once all 24 gemstone combinations are sold, the game ends. The winner is player who scores the most points.

Single Player Option - SU

Bazaar can be played as a single player game - SU. The rules are identical to the normal game. Use /join and /start . The goal is to get as high a score as possible.