Blockers - Anleitung

Starting the Game

With /join 2-5 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Management Tool

Object of the Game

Blocker is a placement game with simple rules, requiring efficiency and flexibility. Each player places pieces on the board trying to make as few groups as possible. It would be quite easy if you always had the right pieces and you were playing on your own...

These rules are provided to help with the game interface. The full rules can be found at German Rules. There is also a German Video.

Game Board

  1. Name of player and current points
  2. Current tiles on hand
  3. Opponent's captured tiles

Flow of the game

Each player has available tiles in their color 28, and will receive five of these randomly at the beginning of the game (#2)

In turn order, players place one of their five available tiles on the game board and then draw a new one.

All tiles carry either a number, letter or symbol. Each tile can therefore only be placed in certain sectors of the board pertaining to the grid.

Example: a tile with the letter "F" can only be placed in row "F", a tile with the number "3" can only be placed in column "3", a tile with a crescent can only be placed on the nine squares in the lower left corner.

If you click on a tile in location #2, you can see all the current possible positions on the board. To place a tile, drag and drop to desired location. If the tile can be placed there it will show (green) if not (red).


"Blockers" tiles are wild and can played on any available location.

A tile can be placed either on an empty space or an occupied one. You cannot take a lone tile or a tile from a grouping of two. With larger groups of tiles, you cannot capture a tile which will break an opponents group into more than one group. The player taking the place must place a valid tile from his hand. It has a negative score at the end of the game (see ending section).

If a player cannot move any of his tiles on to an empty space, he must place it on an occupied space.

End of the Game

Once each player has drawn their last tile, everyone gets to place, then the game ends. Scoring is as follows:

  • A minus point for each group of a color. A group is a connection of tiles all in one color of tiles linking vertically or horizontally. A single stone can be classified as a group!
  • A negative point for every opposing tile of your most captured color.

The player with the least penalty points wins.

In the case of a tie, the player who has caught fewer opponents tiles wins.

Game Options


The profi option can only be played in the two-player game. Both players receive two colors of tiles and must decide at every turn what color they want to play. The game ends when a player has more than four tiles in each color. Scoring uses the original rules, you count groups from both colors. For the number of tiles captured for the most color tiles removed, you also include your own colors!

match X

With the Option /match X you can set the match to end when a player has X victories.

sumof X

With the Option /sumof X you can set a match to a specific number of games. When those games have been played, the player with the highest total of points from those games, is the winner.