Bluff (Liar's Dice) - Online Guide

Object of the Game

Each player must try to hold on to their dice for as long as possible. Players have 5 dice each at the beginning of the game. The player still having dice remaining, wins. The dice are marked with 1 to 5 and a star.

Flow of the game


To roll your dice click on the large dice cup. The small cups next to the names show who has already thrown their dice. In the example (left) we wait for JayJay to roll. The numbers in the parentheses show how many dice each player has left. The player highlighted is next to play. When it is your turn you must place a bid. You must guess/bluff as to how many of a certain die number are present in total on the table (all players dice). However, you can only see your own dice! Stars can be played as jokers. (Example in picture left you have in your hand either: one star, three 2s, one 3, two 4s, or two 5s.


To place a bid you first click on the numbered bar on the outside. The red numbers are for placing bids in stars only. If you wanted to bid five 4s, then you would click on the blue 5.

Gebot abgeben

Once you have selected the level of the bid you should then click on the blue die icon. Keep clicking it until the number you want appears, then click OK.

The next player must always bid higher than your bid or suggest that you are bluffing. The person prior to you will have their bid shown by a white die. To bid higher, simply select the level of the bid and change the die number (where appropriate). If you see the white die of the previuos bidder and you think they are bluffing or are wrong, then click on the large cup instead of placing a bid. In the above example the player before you has bid 4 stars. You are now increasing the bid to nine 2s.

alle Würfel aufgedeckt

Once bluff is called (by someone clicking the large cup), all players dice are shown. The player who incorrectly bid (either you called someone and there are not enough of that number in play, or you called someone and there was enough of that number on the table) pays a penalty of the difference between the number of dice called and the actual number on the table. This penalty value is therefore the number of dice which must be given up by the offending player.

A new round begins immediately with the player who just lost starting this round.

End of the Game

A player who loses his last die is out of the game. The game ends when only one player has any dice left.

Game Options


With this option one may reroll dice at each bid. Click on the dice you wish to reroll. These will now be highlighted, then click OK. The dice not re-rolled will become visible to all other players. Each time you do this you must hold (and thus expose) at least one more die.


In this example Lardarse has made a bid, and uncovered three 5s.


In this example TheBoomer has decided to go for stars and is rerolling 4 of his dice.


With the exact option, whenever the bid is called and the bid was the exact amount in play, more than one player may lose a die. When an exact bid is called, all players except the bidder, will lose 1 die. There is one exception. If you are neither the bidder nor the caller and you only have 1 die left, you will not lose it this way. So you can't be eliminated from the game on an exact bid, unless you are the caller.


If the bid is fulfilled, the accuser loses a die to the bidder. Nothing happens to the other players. A player cannot possess more than five dice.


This option uses a differing scoring option: If a round ends for a player, because they had to give up all their dice, they receives as many points, as the number of dice rolled at the begining of this roll. The final player receives in addition the number equal to his remaining dice. The winner therefore always has 5 x (number of players) at the end of the game.