Carcassonne - Die Erweiterung (Inns & Cathedrals) - Online Guide

Object of the Game

This extension to Carcassonne contains 18 new tiles as well as a large meeples. Basic game rules can be found at Carcassonne. You can also play the "Fluss" or "River" extension as well.

The New Tiles

Inn on the Lake (6 Tiles)

Wirtshaus Wirtshaus

If one or more inns lie on a finished road, then the winning player gets two points per road tile. If however the game finishes and the road is incomplete, then no points are awarded! As an example, the tile on the right will only double points for roads connected to the side of the T Junction with the inn.

Cathedral (2 tiles)


If you have a Cathedral connected to your city you will receive 3 points for every tile instead of 2). If however the game finishes and the city is incomplete, then no points are awarded!

Cloister on a road


The cloister separates the road into two roads.

Cities and Corssroads

Kreuzung mit Städten

The cross roads separates the road into two road sections. The small spigots leading to the cities are not available.

The Large Meeple

Each player has a large Meeple along with his seven smaller meeples. This can be placed just like any of the other meeples. By default your small meeples will be active. To select the large meeple click on him and he will be highlighted.

The large meeple is worth the value of 2 smaller meeples when calculation scores. After a feature has been scored the large meeple is returned to your hand. If you place him on a farm he will be there for the whole game!