Carcassonne - Jäger und Sammler (Hunters & Gatherers) - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 2-5 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game


The players form a landscape of jungle, plains, rivers and lakes. Each player tries to earn as many points as possible, by placing their meeples strategically. Fishing huts are also part of the game.

Flow of the game


On your turn you place a tile on the table. Geographic features must alway match: Rivers on rivers, meadows on meadows and jungle on jungle. The tile can be orientated/turned by clicking on the green arrow. You can then click on the picture to place the tile on any free space. You may then place a meeple on one of those geographic features to control it. The available positions are highlighte on the card. If you wish to place your meeple (or fishing hut) click on one of the highlighted features. These features are only available if no-one has alrewady claimed them. (Example: two or more meeples may only be on the sampe jungle provided they were originally sittingon disconnected jungle tiles).

If a tile cannot be placed then you receive a new tile.


On the top right are the names of the players. Next to this you can see your current score and your remaining meeples/fishing huts.

You must click on the meeple or hut first if you wish to play it and it is not currently highlighted.



The forest is completed when it is completely surrounded by meadows, it has no open sides, and there are no open spaces within the forest. There is no limit to the number of tiles in a forest. The player with the majority of gatherers in a forest scores scores 2 points for each forect tile. After the forest is scored, the players check to see if there are any gold nuggets in the forest. If the completed forest has 1 or more gold nuggets, the player who closed the forest, draws one card from the bonus stack. He then plays the bonus card, following the normal rules. If he then scores for a river or forest he immediately scores, however, if he completes another forest with a gold nugget he does not receive anothe bonus card.


A river is completed when there is a lake with fish (all lakes have fish) or a spring on each end, or if the river makes a complete loop. There is no limit to the number of river segments. The player with the majority of fishermen on a river scores 1 point for each river segment amnd 1 point for each fish in the associated lakes.

Huts are always placed on a river segment or lake. A hut owns the entire river system that it stands on. A river system is all the connected rivers and lakes. When placing a hut there must be NO other hut on this system. Huts are scored at the end of the game. The player who has the majority of huts on a river system scores 1 point for each fish within the system. It does not matter whether the river is closed.


Several connected meadow segments, bounded by forests, rivers and edge of the playing area form a meadow. Hunters can be placed in these meadows. Hunters only score at the end of the game. The player with the majority of hunters in a meadow scores 2 points for each deer, mammoth and auroch. For each tiger in a meadow a deer is not scored.

Special tiles


If you place a hunter on the stone cirdle he will always win for that meadow.


The fire will drive all tigers away from this meadow.


Tigers will not attack this animal. It will therefore always score.


Mushrooms increase the value of a forest by two points.

End of the Game

The game ends once all the tiles have been played. The player with most points wins the game.