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Carcassonne - König und Späher (King and Scout) - Online Guide

Object of the Game

King and Scout. This contain seven tiles to add to the basic Carcassonne game. The five tiles for “Hunters and Gatherers” are not included. This “mini expansion” can be used with any of the expansions for Carcassonne on BSW.

New Elements

Landscape Tiles

Landschaft Landschaft Landschaft Landschaft Landschaft

Five new landscape tiles: the middle tile has the ability for two towns to bridge over each other. These can be easily connected during the game.

King and Robber Baron

The first player to finish a town, becomes the king. If another player completes a larger town during the game, then they become King.
At the end of the game, the player who is currently King, gets one point for each closed town.

The Robber Baron behaves in a similar fashion for the roads. The first player to finish a road, becomes the Robber Baron. If another player closes a longer road during the game, he becomes the Robber Baron. At the end of the game, the player who is currently Robber Baron, gets one point for each finished road.

König und Raubritter

The player who is currently King (shown on left side) and/or Robber Baron knight (shown on right), has their colour outlining the icon. Likewise the length/size is indicated to the longest/largest road/city in player's colour.