Darts - Online Guide

Starting The Game


You start a new game of Darts” by clicking on the Button in the left hand corner.

Object of the Game

In Darts you begin with 501 points. With each score on the dartboard this value is reduced. A aim of the game is to go out with exactly 0 points.

Your current score is shown on the bottom right.

You have 3 darts available each round. The score for each dart is shown in the upper right.

Throwing the Darts


In the lower left corner you see the 3 controls, which define the flight of the darts. With the horizontal bar one controls the horizontal direction (left, centre or right). The vertical bar indicates the height of the arrow direction. The third is the power of the dart.

When you click on “New Darts” you are prompted to set the horizontal control. Move the black line to the desired place. Do the same with the vertical control. For the third control wait until the bow string is in the position for the desired power then click the button.

The dart is now thrown and the score shown on the top right panel.

Next thrown darts #2 and #3. When finished click again on "New Darts”.

Note: The longer you take waiting for an announcement, the faster the bow pulses and the more difficult to select a desired power setting!


  • Each segment of the Dartboard has values from 1 to 20.
  • If a dart lands in one of the outer rings, then it scores double.
  • If a dart lands in one of the inner rings, then it scores triple.
  • If a dart lands in one of the outer bullseye, then it scores 25 points.
  • If a dart lands in one of the inner bullseye, then it scores 50 points.
  • Darts off the board are invalid and score zero.