Doppelkopf - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 4 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Flow of the game

For someone that knows the rules the play speaks for itself. At the start of the game each player in turn clicks the type of game he wants to play in the window that appears.

During the game each player in turn selects the card he wants to play (click on the left half of the card) and then click the button "Karte spielen".

Game Rules

The Doppelkopf cards

Doppelkopf uses 12 cards in 4 suits Clubs(C), Spades(S), Hearts(H), Diamonds(D). Each suit has (point value in brackets) 2 Aces(11), 2 Tens(10), 2 Kings(4), 2 Queens(3), 2 Jacks(2), 2 Nines(0). Therefore the total available points in each game is 240.

Players and Teams

Doppelkopf is played with 4 players. In a regular game the 2 players holding a Club Queen play together (the Re-side) against the other 2 (the Kontra-side). It is also possible that a player plays alone against the other 3 (a solo).

Trumps and suit order

You have to follow suit. If it is not possible to follow suit, you can choose to either play a trump or discard a card from another suit.

Regular game:

In a regular game the following cards are trumps from high to low: H10, CQ, SQ, HQ, DQ, CJ, SJ, HJ, DJ, DA, D10, DK, D9. As there are 2 of each card there are 26 trumps. In Clubs and Spades the order is: A, 10, K, 9. In Hearts the order is A, K, 9 (as the H10 is a trump). Therefore there are 22 non-trumps.

Solo games:
  • Queen's solo All the Queens are trumps in the order C, S, H, D. There are only 8 trumps. All other cards are non-trumps in the order: Ace, 10, K, J, 9
  • Jack's solo All the Jacks are trumps in the order C, S, H, D. There are only 8 trumps. All other cards are non-trumps in the order: Ace, 10, K, Q, 9.
  • SuitSolo in C, S, H, D H10, all Queens and all Jacks are trumps as in the regular game. The DA, D10, DK and D9 are replaced by the same cards from the suit in which a solo is played. Attention: At a H-solo the H10 remains the highest trump. There are then 2 trumps less in the game.
  • Ace Solo(No trump) There are no trumps. All suits have the order: A, 10, K, Q, J, 9.

When a player has both Club Queens he has a 'Marriage'. His partner will be the player that makes the first trick within the first 3 tricks that does not go to the 'Marriage'- holder (Clarifying trick). When a Marriage is not announced(S 3.4) or the Marriage holder makes the first 3 tricks, then the Marriage holder plays a Diamond Solo.

The Game Play

For more information refer to the Doppelkopf Wiki Page.


Initial Announcement:

With the announcement 'Re' (Re-side) or 'Kontra' (Kontra-side) the announcer shows that he thinks to be able to win the game together with his partner (Careful: there are also a myriad of tactical reasons to make an announcement-there is not enough room here to cover these). The initial announcement is possible as long as you have at least 11 cards in your hand. When there is a Marriage no announcements can be made until after the clarifying trick. When the first trick is the clarifying trick you can announce as long as you have 11 cards. When it is the second you need 10 cards. When it is the third you need 9 cards.

Further Announcements:

After the initial announcement you can raise the worth of the game by further announcements. You can announce 'no90' as long as you have at least 10(9, 8) cards in hand, 'no60' with 9(8, 7) cards in hand, 'no30' with 8(7, 6) cards in hand, 'Schwarz' (no tricks) with 7(6, 5) cards in hand. The numbers between brackets are for a Marriage with the second/third trick as the clarifying trick. These announcements mean that you think the opponents will not reach 90(60, …)points. You can make these announcements earlier, but it is not allowed to skip one.

Game End and Scoring

Game End

There are 240 points in the game. The Re-side wins when it reaches 121 points (or 151, … when they announced 'no90'). The Kontra-side wins when it reaches 120(151, …) points. A total of 16 games is played in which solos do not count toward those 16(of course the acquired points do count).


A plus-minus scoring is used. After a regular game the losers get the same score as the winners, but as minus. Therefore the total amount of points in the game is always 0.

Win1 Point
Announcement (Kontra/Re)2 points each for the successful team
keep the opponents under90/60/30/no tricks1 Point for each step
Announce no90/no60/no30/Schwarz1 Point for each step
Special Points only in a regular gameWin against the CQueens 1 point, Doppelkopf (a trick with 40+ points) 1 point, catch an opponents DAce (Fox) 1 point, make the last trick with the CJack (Charly) 1 point.

When there is a solo these points are tripled for the solo player (either plus or minus depending on the result). The other 3 players just receive the regular amount.

Game Options

turnier (tournament)

For more information refer to the Doppelkopf Wiki Page.