Dvonn - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 2 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game


Players try to control as many stacks as possible. Only the player whose stone is uppermost on a stack can move that stack. It is always important to keep contact with a source of life, in the form of a neutral red Dvonn stone. Stones with no connection to life die.

Flow of the game

White plays first. Each player in turn moves one of his stones or stacks. The following rules apply:

  • A single stone moves to any adjacent space.
  • A stack moves in a straight line, exactly as many spaces as the number of stones it contains.
  • A stone or stack may not be moved to an empty space
  • A stone or stack may be moved onto a red Dvonn stone.
  • A stone or stack which is completely surrounded cannot be moved. Thus, at the beginning, only stones on the edge of the board may be moved.
  • All stones or stacks that lose their life-line (connection to a red stone) are removed from the board. Connection consists of any path from the stone or stack, through other stones or stacks but not through empty spaces, to a red stone or a stack containing a red stone.
  • Moves are mandatory. Only if a player has no legal move does he pass. The other player continues. If the passing player can again make a move at some point, he must do so.

In this diagram, if the white player moves the marked piece away, the black stack will lose its life-line and will be removed. Large groups can be cut off in this way and eliminated.

End of the Game


The game ends when neither player can make a move. Each player adds the heights of all his stacks. The player with the greatest total wins.

Game Options


Sets a limited number of minutes for each player to use. A player whose time runs out, loses immediately.


The players build the initial board by placing, in turn, the three Dvonn stones followed by their own pieces.


The game is recorded. The log file can be retrieved from the Dvonn log area. Help in use of the log files can be found in the Dvonn forum.