FiveDice (Solo Yahtzee) - Online Guide

Starting The Game


The images in this guide are in German. Your start the game by clicking on the cup.

Object of the Game

The aim of the game is to achieve 13 defined dice combinations. You may reroll any of your 5 dice twice to achieve any of these combination in any order. Click on the dice you wish to re-roll. These then show as red, then click on the cup to reroll them.


In this example the #5 is being re-rolled.

After the 2nd re-roll (or before) you must choose one of the 13 categories to score. When you move your mouse over each empty box you can see what possible scores are available. Click on the box to score that value. This category is now no longer available. Click on the cup to start the next category.


The 13 categories (from left to right)

  • 1s - Total of all 1s rolled
  • 2s - Total of all 2s rolled
  • 3s - Total of all 3s rolled
  • 4s - Total of all 4s rolled
  • 5s - Total of all 5s rolled
  • 6s - Total of all 6s rolled
  • 3 of a kind - Must have a minimum of 3 of a kind. Total all dice
  • 4 of a kind - Must have a minimum of 4 of a kind. Total all dice
  • Full House = 3 of a kind + 2 of a kind (e.g. 5-5-5-2-2). Gives 25 points
  • Short Run - 4 in a row (e.g. 1-2-3-4). Gives 30 points
  • Long Run - 5 in a row (e.g. 2-3-4-5-6). Gives 40 points
  • Yahtzee - 5 of a kind. Gives 50 points
  • Chance - Sum all the dice (useful for when you have a bad set of rolls)

Bonus Points

If you achieve a total of 63 points or more from the first 6 categories (1s to 6s) then you score an additional 35 points.

If you have already scored a Yahtzee, then for each following Yahtzee you score an extra 100 points. You can also decide to use up any of the unused categories. For example, you throw 5 x 4s. You place this in the Yahtzee box and score 50 points. You then throw and you score the 3s and get 6 points. In your 3rd round you achieve 5 x 5s. You decide to put these in your Long Run and score 40 points for the long run plus a bonus of 100 points for a 2nd Yahtzee.

End of the Game

The game ends once you have completed your 13th category. You score the total of all categories plus any bonuses.