Football Ligretto - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 2-8 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

With an odd number of players the Red Team (with the most players) can only use positions 2 and 3 for storing their cards prior to playing them. Pile 1 cannot be used!

Object of the Game


Football Ligretto is all about speed. Two teams play against each other: red and black. The players are divided evenly into the two teams. The game is won by all players in the first team to score 5 goals. NB: In the following, "player" denotes a person playing the game, while "team-player" denotes one of the eleven footballers whose names appear on the cards for a particular team. Each team has 75 cards, each of which shows one of the eleven team-players of the corresponding team’s colours.

The cards are divided evenly among the players in the team.

The Cards

There are two types of cards: Passing and Scoring. In both cases the name of one of the team-players is shown in the center of each card.


Passing: Each team-player can always pass to one or two team-players on your own team (shown in the top corner(s) of the card) and likewise can lose possession to one or two team-players in the opposing team (shown in the bottom corner(s) of the card). Here, Tim can pass to Stefan or Dieter, or lose possession to Jonas. In other words, after this card is played, any player on the red team could play a "Stefan" or "Dieter" card, or alternatively any player on the black team could play a "Jonas" card.

Scoring: This card shows a goal and only the name of the scorer. If you get to play it you score a goal!

Flow of the game


The players try to score a goal as quickly as possible. First, drag and drop cards from your “Hand“ (4th pile) to the positions marked 1-3 to make them available to play. You can drag and drop cards from any of these 3 positions to the TV screen in order to play them, but only at a time when they can receive a pass from (or gain possession from) the current team-player. The names of playable cards appear in the corners of the TV screen, but the names will often change very rapidly as new cards get played! You can keep dropping cards from your “hand“ or 4th pile onto the other 3 (without necessarily playing the cards that are there already first) until you get a card which you can play. If you cycle completely through your hand, click on the “hand“ or 4th pile to reshuffle the cards and start again.

At the start of each play a player from the appropriate side must bring out the goalkeeper “Patrick“ for Black or “Tim“ for Red. Watch the corners of the TV monitor to see which cards can now be played. If you have the volume on you will also hear the names being called.


In the example shown left, Tim can pass to Bernd and Stefan. Erik (black) can also play. The Red team will only hear the red team-players' names, and black the names of their own team-players.

All the other players' cards are shown on either side so you can see which cards they are lining up - if you have the time!


You can use the mute button to turn the sound off.


It is possible that no-one can play the relevant card. If this happens you can click the Cancel button. All players must click this for the current round to end.



As soon as any member of a team plays a Goal card, that team scores a goal and the round is finished. Click on the yellow check/tick button when you are ready to redeal all the cards and start the next round. This will only happen when all players have clicked.

End of the Game

The game ends when one team scores 5 goals. When this happens all players in that team have won!