Geister (Ghosts!) - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 2 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game


The game board is 6 x 6 square. Each player possesses four good (white) and four bad (grey) ghosts. At the beginning of the game you may place on amny of the eight starting squares on your side of the board. Your opponent cannot see any difference between the 8 ghosts you have placed (good or bad). The players must try to exit the board via one of the two exits on the opposite side of the game board from where you started. The game can end prematurely, if a player hits all good or all bad ghosts of the opponent.

Flow of the game


Each player places their eight ghosts on any of their eight starting positions. (The four middle places on either the lower/upper two rows of the board). Drag and drop the ghosts to you desired positions. Once placed you are unable to tell between your opponents good and bad ghosts.


On your turn you can move one ghost. Movements may be up, down, right or left one space and never diagonally. If you land on an opponents ghost it is removed from the game and it's type (good/bad) is displayed. It is then placed on the graveyard on the right.

You cannot place a ghost on one of your own ghosts.


In this example, both players have already lost four ghosts each. The active player with their name highlighted (his ghosts face up) still has 3 good (white) and 1 bad (grey) ghosts in play. His opponent has lost 2 white (good) and 2 grey (bad) ghosts, which you can see in the graveyard.

End of the Game

The game can be ended in two ways:

  • If a player manages to move a white ghost onto one of two of his opponents arrows (left or right). He wins.
  • If a player has captured all his opponent's ghosts of one colour. If he captures four gray, he loses, if it captures four white he wins.

Game Options


If both players choose /option disclose before the start of the game, the ghosts remaining at the end of the game will be disclosed.