Go - Training Mode

The BSW Training Tool for Go

Go is the only game in BSW, which has a training module. This helps to understand and play different strategies.


The three Buttons in the center of the score area are intended for using the training mode:

  • TEACH: switches on the training mode
  • COORD: toggles the game Co-ordinates on and off.
  • SAVE: saves the current settings.


There are two methods of using this tool:
- review a previously played/stored game
- set up a specific situation and review.

Setting Up Game Situations

You can set up and explain game scenarios using the training tool.


These 2 buttons let you place white and black stones to set up a scenario. Click on the colour of stone you wish to place, then click on the line intersection where you wish to place.

Note: You can set up a complex starting position which can then be considered via alternative play scenarios. See alternatives below.


These symbols can be used to mark stones to help explain situations to others.


The first Button (A) provides sequential letters of the alphabet when being used.


These two buttons can be used to remove stones or highlighted markings which have already been placed.Select the appropriate button then remove the desired stones/markings.

Reviewing Previously Played/Stored Games

If you would like to revue a scenario later happen to let the play, one must store it after playing with the Save Button. The game/setup is then saved with the game player's id, date and time in the Client GO Log Site. In order to play it again later, the name of the game file must be entered in the command line and then click on LOAD.

It looks like the following:


In the GAME MOVES section, the played moves are successively shown. You can use the brown arrows to progress or rewind the game that was saved. If you click on one of the moves, the pboard is set up with the way the stones existed at the time of this point in the game. You can therefore jump to any part of the game and explain the position to someone else.

You can also chose to play through any alternate moves set up for this game, thereby showing the differences in play.

Showing Alternative Moves


The two buttons with the "." are only used when you wish to place an alternative move. As before you can alternate between placing black and white. When you want to place an alternative move use the black or white stone icon with the “>”. This starts the alternative play.


Example: Here the game progress was stored as follows : … (Black)D6 - (White)F8 - (Black)F5…. What would probably have happened, if he had played (White)D9 instead of (White)F8. To do this he uses the white ">" icon and places in (White)D9.
The play window then shows a branch coming off, to indicate an alternative play, with the lower window showing those moves.


If one selects (White)D9 in the lower row, then the alternative play is shown in the upper row. In this way you can switch between each game alternative.

Use EXIT to leave the training mode.