Halali (Tally Ho!) - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 2 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game


This game is about 2 teams. One player is in control of the hunters and lumberjacks while the other player controls the foxes and bears. Both teams try to get as many points as possible by killing opponent and neutral pieces.

Game Figures


Lumberjaks can fell trees. They can only move one space horizontally or vertically. They are worth 5 points when killed.


The hunters can shoot all animals (bear, fox, duck, pheasant). They can only shoot in the direction their rifle points and cannot change the direction of the rifle. They are worth 5 points when killed.


The bears eat all humans (lumberjacks and hunters), however no animals. They can only move one space horizontally or vertically. They are worth 10 points when killed.


The foxes eat all birds (ducks and pheasants). They are woth 5 points when killed.

Ente Fasan

Ducks and pheasants can be killed by the fox or shot by the hunter. Ducks are worth two points, pheasants three.

Baum Baum

Trees can be felled by the lumberjack. For everyone else, they represent an immovable obstacle. They are worth two points when felled.

Flow of the game

Player #1 controls the humans (lumberjacks and hunters), player #2 the animals (bears and foxes). Player #2 starts. The current player can do one of two things: uncover a card or move an uncovered card.

Click on a covered card to see what lies beneath or move one of the uncovered cards which you control. The following rules apply when moving game pieces:

  • Brown Cards: (Lumberjacks/hunters) can only be moved by player #1 (the brown coloured player).
    Blue Cards: (bears/foxes) can only be moved by player #2 (the blue coloured player).
  • Birds (ducks and pheasants) may be moved by either player. They cannot be moved if the opponent has just turned them over or moved them.
  • Trees cannot be moved - they can only be felled by the lumberjack.
  • You can only move in straight lines. Lumberjacks and bears may only move one space, all other pieces can move as far as they want across free spaces.
  • You cannot move a piece back to the square it was the previous turn.
  • A card which has just been turned over cannot be moved until your next turn.

To take (eat) another game piece, simply move your piece onto it according to the above rules, e.g. a fox onto a pheasant.


Once all the cards have been turned over, each player has five more turns. The number of turns left is shown on the right of the screen.

Each player can now move their game pieces out of the forest by dragging them onto the picture on the right. You must be able to move out of the board along one of the green arrows. The pieces then count for the player who removed them from the board.

Playing and Scoring

Once all the cards have been uncovered and each player has taken their five extra turns, the game ends. The player with the most points wins. In case of a tie, the player who has taken the most cards wins.

Normally, Halali is played over two rounds, so that both players get to play humans and animals.