Intrige (Intrigue) - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 4-5 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Each player receives a house with garden and 10 servants (2 of each of the 5 roles).

Playing the Game

Each player will play through 3 actions per round.

  • Receive Income
  • Award jobs in your own house to other players relatives.
  • Send 2 of your relatives to other players houses to look for work.

Receive Income


At the beginning of your turn, you receive income from every house in which you have a worker according to the income shown on each location where your worker sits. The computer automaticaly distributes these payments.

You can always see how much money you have, however, you cannot see how much other players have. (On the first turn, you will receive no income, since you haven't placed any relatives in other player's house yet.)

Assign Jobs

Bestechungssumme wählen

In the 2nd part of their turn, each player must assign a job to every one of the other players relatives that have been sent to your house(Except if there is a conflict) It is your choice whether to give them a high paying or low paying job. This is where the bribes come into play :) Players that have sent relatives to your house, now offer bribes, in the hope of getting a high paying job. Just because you received a high bribe does not require you to give out a high paying job.


Click on the '+' icon to increase the value of the bribe. NOTE this icon is sensitive and you cannot reverse a value once you move to it with this symbol. Click on 'OK' to complete the value of the bribe.

Alle Gebote

Each bribe must start with 10,000 Dukats and increments by this amount. After everyone who needs to has placed their bribe, the owner of the house decides who to give the job to. He does this by drag and drop of the token he wishes to place in one of his 5 sections of his house. Only 1 token can be in each paid section of his house.

Spielfiguren verteilen

You may wish to explain your bribe or threat with the other players. You may wish to make aliances. It is up to the owner of the house to ecide the fate. IN this example white paid a higher bribe, so red plaed him in the 50,000 Dukat a month job. If you don't have a relative placed in a yard/garden, you cannot expect to be come of the bartering for a job in that house!


Since each job/occupation can only exist once in each house, a conflict can occur when 2 or more players have relatives with the same occupation desiring a job at a certain house.

We will discuss non-conflicts first and then discuss how to play with conflicts.

No Occupation Conflict
äußerer Konflikt

In this instance (like at the beginning of the game) there may be no-one of the requesting occupation in the house where the allocation is taking place. In this case the owner simply chooses which coloured token to place in the house.

The first token placed in the yard gets to bid first. After everyone has made a bribe, the owner of the house simply drags and drops the desired coloured token to any vacant occupation. The funds are then transferred between players. If your token is not selected, then it is out of the game!

Occupation Conflict
innerer Konflikt

More often, a conflict will arise because a player's token is of the same occupation as another player's token which is already undertaking a job in a house. The token within the house gets to place the first bribe. He must bribe again to try to remain in that job. The owner of the house again decides who to employ. Any token not selected is again removed from the game.


If you want to choose the new employee (the one currently in the yard/garden), simply drag and drop them into the slot where the current token is sitting. The token which was previously in the house is now out of the game.

If you wish to keep the original employee and banish the aggressor who is currently in the yard/garden, drag and drop their token behind the house (see example picture).

If there are several internal conflicts, the occupation which pays the most is resolved first, then the next higher etc., until all conflicts are resolved.

Sending your Relatives Off to Work

During this phase, on your turn, you must always send 2 of your relatives to another player's yard/garden to look for work. You can choose any 2 occupations, however, you must send to 2 different houses.

You move them to the other player's yards by drag and drop onto the small map of the other player's house. There they will wait until the player who owns that house takes his turn. You are not allowed to place in your own house!

There are no other restrictions. You do not have to allocate your relatives evenly among the other players houses throughout the game. Over several rounds someone's yard could have up to 5 player's tokens in their yard!

You cannot however have 2 relatives with the same occupation of your colour in one house.

In the sixth and final round you do not have any men to send to other houses, since they have all been used up.

Status Indicator

Spielfiguren aussenden

It is ARMistice's turn to send relatives to go look for work.

Spielfiguren setzen

It is SAM's turn to place employees into his house.


ARMistice must bribe.


Fred must wait.

The status shown should let you know where you are in the game and what action to take next.

  • Whoever's name is in yellow is their turn
  • Whoever's name is in blue must bribe
  • Whoever's name is in grey must wait

End of the Game

After the 6th round the game ends. At the end of the game, each player receives income one last time.

The Player with the most money is the winner.

Tactics and Tips

Here are some tips for the game:

  • Try to say really nice things about the player you are bribing.

  • Consider offering to take their not so pretty sister out on a date.
  • Remember to send them birthday cards every year.
  • send them a christmas card, unless they are Jewish then send them a card for Rosh Hashanah instead.
  • send their mother a nice mother's day card.
  • Don't be a cheapskate, buy them lunch once in a while.
  • Don't ping them.
  • Never, ever kick one of their puppets

    Most of all HAVE FUN!