Kardinal & König (Web of Power) - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 3-5 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game


Each player tries to score as high as possible by skillful placing of monasories, chains of monastories and advisors across Europe.

The Interface


The current round and phase is shown at the bottom left of the screen.


The current scores are shown in the window located at the top right of the screen. Each row is represented ny the players name, the number of points scored so far (Pkt), the number of monasteries in hand (Kl) and the number of advisors in hand (R).

The active player has a * next to his name. The starting player has a "S" in front of his name.

Under this window is another window which shows the 3 cards in your hand as well as the 2 open cards and the deck for drawing cards from.

Flow of the game

Playing cards

On your turn you can play 1-3 cards from your hand. Click 'OK' to play those cards. If the move is illegal, the system will make an audible alarm and wait for you to reselect.

Instead of playing cards you cand discard instead. Slect the cards to discard then click on "Discard".


The selected cards are then made visibly to all in the bottom right window.

Once cards have been played you can now place the appropriate game tokens (see below).

Once played you may replenish your cards (3 max). Click on one of the two openly viewed cards and/or click on the deck to replenish.

Placing Game Pieces
Steine setzen

Monasteries are played in the various countries on the monastery icons (which are linked by roads) and are plaset into the individual countries on the city fields. The following rules apply:

  • You may only place in one country.
  • The maximum number you can play in any round is two.
  • Only one can be placed in an empty country.
  • You can use two matching cards to represent any single card.

You can therefore use 1-3 cards to play 1-2 monasteries. (e.g. in the above example, (Frankreich, Frankreich, Bayern/Burgund) you could play the 2 Frankreich and therefore play 2 monateries in Frankreich or play all 3 and play 2 monasteries in either Bayern or Burgund, provided someone has already placed in those countries. Most cards have 2 countries they can be played in. Frankreich can only be played in France.


Advisors can be placed with/instead of monasteries. Advisors are placed on the circular coat of arms in each country. The maximum number of advisors in any one country cannot exceed the maximum number of monasteries of one colour in that country.

In this example there are two white and four green monasteries in Italien. Therefore the maximum total number of advisors may only be four.


2 rounds are played after which the score is calculated. This happens each time the deck has been used up.

In the first round only monasteries are scored. Each country is scored individually. The player with most monasteries gets as many points as there are monasteries in that country. The player with the second most monasteries gets awarded points equal to the number of monasteries the player with the most in this country has.

In the second round the monasteries are rated in the same way. However, additional points are awarded for monastery chains and advisors.


Monastery chains are monasteries, which are connected by roads without a gap. The connection can be made across country borders. The chain must be a minimum of four in length and scores one point for every monastery.


Advisors receive points for alliances with neighboring countries. Two adjacent advisors MUST be connected via one of the connections depicted with a brown square.

The countries do not have to border directly as long as there is a brown line connecting them together (e.g.: Aragon/Italy or England/Lorraine). Also a common border does not necessarily mean a connection. Look for the brown boxed numbers to show where the connections are.

The following rules define scoring for Advisors. You must have an advisor on both ends of the connection (brown square defines the connection). Also you must have the most (or equal most) advisers in the two respective countries. You will score points equivalent to the sum of the number of all advisors in each country.

Example Bayern/Franken: This is connection (11). Green has the majority in both countries and would therefore get 4 (Franken) + 2 (Bayern) for this connection.

In this example Bayern/Schwaben, connection (12): White is the only colour with a majority in both countries and would therefore score 2 + 2 points.

Example Bayern/Italien: White and green both have the majority and therefore both get 6 points.

End of the Game

The game ends after the second round, once the deck has been used up the second time.

Game Material

Each player has 20 Monasteries and 8 Advisors.