King Lui (King's Breakfast) - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 3-5 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game

The King invited people to dine with Him and his pet Dragon Emerald. Players scores points based on the amount of food they eat. They compete to see who can eat the most, but they must be careful not to eat more than the King. Otherwise, the King get very jealous.

Flow of the game


The game is played in several rounds. For each round 2 cards per player are dealt out in the middle of the table. The cards are grouped by food type and placed in the middle of the table(between the King's plates and the player's. If a Dragon card was drawn, Emerald the Dragon, would be shown next to the King. Lastly, the number of cards remaining is shown in the Kitchen(56 in this example).

Example: In the above view of the Interface.

  • The number of dishes of each type that the King has are shown in the top row of plates.
  • The Number of dishes currently available to be taken in the middle row. In this example we have 1 Bread, 2 Wine 1 Chicken 1 Cake and 1 Cheese.
  • The Number of dishes of each type that you have, are shown on the bottom set of plates.

The current player's name is underlined. Each round is started by a different player. At the end of each round, any plates that remain in the middle are given to the King. The game ends when there are not enough cards left to deal out 2 per player. At this point the scoring occurs.

Player Actions

The active player has three choices.

Take food from the table

Take, and eat, all the food of a single type. You must take all of it, if there are more than 1. You do this by clicking on the plate you wish to take.

Feed Emerald (the Dragon)

If a dragon card is available, feed Emerald. To do this click on the Dragon, to the left of the King. You will the see the Dragon's mouth open. The Dragon eats 2 food items from the King. Just click on the plate or plates you wish to feed the dragon with. You can choose one each of 2 different foods, or 2 of the same kind (by clicking on that plate twice).

Steal from the Kitchen

Take, and eat, top card from the Kitchen. To do this, just click on the number below the word Kitchen.

If you draw a dragon card, it will then be available for another player to use on their turn. Drawing the card completes your turn.

End of the Game

The game ends when there are no longer enough portions in the kitchen to set out for the next meal (i.e. 2 * #players). The game finishes immediately and the scores are calculated.



Points are assigned as follows:

  • If you had more portions than the king in a dish of food then you score 0 points for that dish.
  • For each dish that you had the same or less than the king you multiply the number of portions you took times the number of portions the king took.

Whoever has most points after the adding up all the dishes, wins the game. If there is a tie then there may be several winners.

Game Material

There are a total of 15 portions for each dish (wine, ham, cheese, bread, chicken, fruit and cake). There are also 5 'Emerald' cards.