Manhattan - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 2-4 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game


You try to get as many points as possible by building skyscrapers in different zones. It is built in six different zones. In each zone there are nine building sites. The game runs over four rounds; after each round, scoring takes place.

Flow of the game


At the beginning each round, each player selects sequentially the size of the 6 buildings that they will place this round, from their total building supply.


On your turn, select one of your 6 building groups from your supply by clicking on the size you wish.

You can now build on a building site on any area, however, you must be holding an appropriate building card to build there.


Each building card shows the building area appropriate to build on. The red shaded area shows the building sector (there is a choice of 9 locations) where you can build.

In the example shown on the left, you could build on centre bottom, middle right and twicr in the bottom right.

Click on an empty building zone in one of the 6 areas of the city where you would like to place your skyscraper.


Other players buildings may be built on. The number under the bulding indicates its overall height, the colored numbers beside it the amount owned by each respective player.

For buildings owned by opponents the following rule must be obeyed, After the new element has been added to the building, there must be at least as many storeys of the complete buildings in the new owner's colour as in the previous owner's.

In the example (right) white needs to add at least two storeys, to take over the blue building in the center (3-1=2) or the blue building center right(2-0=2).

A building is safe if the difference between the players is > 4 since 4 is the greatest number of floors which can be added at any one time. The white skyscraper is safe. The white tower on the bottom left can therefore not be taken, since 5 floors would be necessary. (9-4=5)


THe following scoring takes place aftrer each round:

  • Players receive one point for every tower they own. They get this point even if the tower has already scored points through being the highest overall or part of a majority.
  • For every zone, any player who owns more towers in that city than any other player gets 2 points. If no player has a majority in the city then no one gets any points
  • If there is just one tower that is higher than any other, then the owner of that tower receives 3 points. If two or more towers are equal highest then no one gets the points.
ZonePoints for BuildingsPoints for Zone

White also gets three points for the highest building (Zone 5). The score for the round is therefore White = 15 and Blue = 13.


The current score for all the rounds played so far is shown next to each player's supply. In this example white = 30 points, blue = 37.

End of the Game

The game ends after four rounds. Whoever collects the most points in four rounds, wins.

Game Options


With this option, the game is played over 6 rounds. During each round you take 4 resource groups (instead of 6) from your supply of 24 groups. This option is meant to make a 3 player game fairer.