NotreDame - Action- and Charactercards

The nine Character cards in Notre Dame:

Seminary (Klosterschule)

You can place your own influence cubes into the Seminary in your precinct. You then get as many influence cubes from the general supply, as influence stones are in your Seminary.


You can place an influence cube in the bank in your precinct. You then get Gold, equal to the number of influence stones in your bank. Once there is not enough gold coins in the general supply, you get the coins from the player, who has most coins.

Residence (Residenz)

You may place influence cubes in the residence in your presinct. You will now get as many Prestige points, as you have influence cubes in your residence.

Coach House (Kutscherei)

You may place influence cubes in the Coach House in your Presinct. You may then move your carriage as many spaces as influence cubes you have in the Cocach House. The coach drives from market place to market place along the connecting roads (including the perimeter). It does not matter if you are on your own or someone else's market. Several coaches may exist on a single space. You do not have to move the exact amount. You can finish before using up all the spaces. The the coach finishes on a market place where there is a message, you may immediately pick up the message and take the associated bonus.

If you select the action “Coach”, the following action window appears:

Clicks on the overview map at the market place where you wish to go:

Kutsche ziehen

If a message sits at the location, you will be asked if you want to pick it up or leave it where it is:

Botschaft nehmen?

There are four different types of message tiles:

Botschaft 1
  • 1 Prestige Point and 1 Gold
Botschaft 2
  • 2 Prestige Points and 1 Influence Cube
Botschaft 3
  • 3 Prestige Points and move back your rat marker 1 space (unless already on 0)
Botschaft 4
  • 4 Prestige Points

You MUST have a message tile from each colour before you may take a second of the same color! You may ingnore this rule if there iare no more tiles of the needed colour.

Guesthouse (Gasthaus)

You can place an influence cube in the Guesthouse of your precinct. If you have 1-3 stones in your Guesthouse you may take one of the following actions:

  • Take 1 gold coin
  • Take 1 Influence Cube
  • move back your rat marker 1 space

When you have 4 or more cubes in the Guesthouse, you may take two of the above actions. These may be the same or different actions.

Confidant (Vertrauter)

Instead of placing an influence cube, you may place the confidant in any location in your precinct and perform the action there, as if an influence cube had been placed there.


You may place an influence cube in the park in your precinct. Move your rat marker back one fspace - regardless of the number of influence stones in the park.

For each pair of cubes in your park, you receive an extra prestige point every time you get points via an action, bribe, etc.

Example: Madmax places the 5th stone into the park and moves his rat marker back 1 space. In the next round he places the 3rd stone into his residence and gets 3 prestige points. He now also gets 2 more prestige points for the 5 stones which he has in his park, giving him a total of 5 points. Later, he bribes the money lender (see phase 4) and scores 1 prestige point from the money lender and 2 more points from his Park.


You may place an influence cube in the hospital in your precinct. Regardless of the number of cubes, move your rat marker back one space (unless already on 0).

Cubes in your hospital have benefits in the plague phase. (Phase 5).

Notre Dame
Notre Dame

You may place an influence cube in the hospital in Notre Dame in the center of the board. Donate between 1 and 3 coins to the cathedral (put coins back in supply). Receive prestige points: 1 coin = 1 point; 2 coins = 3 points; 3 coins = 6 points. If you cannot or do not want to pay, you can play the card but cannot put a cube in Notre Dame.

At the end of each Stage the players, who have placed influence cubes in Notre Dame, again receive prestige points (see End of Round).

Character Cards in Notre Dame

Brown Character Cards

There are 6 brown Character Cards in the game, 2 of which are disclosed during phase 1 in each round. After three rounds all the character cards are used up and are shuffled ready for the next Stage. Each brown character card is therefore available three times per game.


Wirtin: Whoever bribes the Landlady, can use one the following actions:

  • 3 prestige points and 1 gold
  • 3 prestige points and 1 influence cube
  • move back your rat marker 1 space

Mönch: Whoever bribes the Monk gets 2 influence cubes and 1 prestige point


Geldverleiher: Whoever bribes the Moneylender, gets 2 gold coin and 1 prestige point.


Minnesänger: Whoever bribes Minstrel, may move 1-3 influence stones (or confidant) from one of your spaces into another of your spaces (excluding Notre Dame!). You do not get to take an action however.


Gaukler: Whoever bribes the Jester, may take 1 influence cube (or Confidant) from one of their spaces and move it into one of their other spaces (not Notre Dame!). You can then carry out the action.


Medikus: Whoever bribes the Doctor, does NOT score any more rats for that round. In addition, if you have cubes in the hospital, you can make the rat marker go backwards.

Grey Character Cards

There are 9 brown character cards in the game, which in phase 1 one are uncovered in each case. Each grey character card is made available only once in the entire play.

The grey character cards are divided into three categories: there are A-type cards used during the first stage, B-type for the 2nd stage and C-type for the 3rd stage for second and the maps with a C for the last passage.

A-Type Cards

Stadtwache: Whoever bribes City Guard, receives 1 prestige point for each of your cubes (incl. confidant) on the board.


Nachtwächter: Whoever bribes the Night Watchman gets 1 prestige point for each of your own empty areas.


Whoever bribes the Bishop takes a cube from the general supply and put it in one of your own empty buildings.

B-Type cards

Gildemeister: Whoever bribes the Guild master gets 2 prestige points for each of your own buildings in which there are at least 2 cubes (incl. confidant).


Bettlerkönig: Whoever bribes the Beggar king gets 1 prestige point for each space ahead of your rat marker (e.g. rat marker on space 4 = 5 points).

The rat marker of Madmax is sitting on space #5. He therefore gets 4 prestige points, i.e. for spaces 6, 7, 8 and 9.


Advokaten: Whoever bribes the Lawyer gets 3 prestige points for every two messages you have collected.

C-Type cards

Whoever bribes the Lady-in-waiting gets 1 prestige point for each cube (incl. confidant) in your own building which has the most cubes.


Bürgermeister: Whoever bribes the Mayor gets 3 prestige points for each of your own buildings in which there are at least 3 cubes (incl. confidant).


Tischlermeister: Whoever bribes the Master carpenter gets 1 prestige point for each of your own buildings which has at least 1 cube (incl. confidant).