NotreDame - Online guide

Starting The Game

With /join 2-5 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game

Notre Dame is set in Paris at the end of the 14th century. Players collect prestige points in their part of the city, unafraid of bribing important people in the city's life. But a plague of rats threatens anyone who neglects healthcare.

Diese Anleitung erklärt hauptsächlich die Onlinebedienung und erhebt keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit der Regeln. Die kompletten Regeln können auf der Verlagsseite als pdf-Datei heruntergeladen werden.

Game Board

  1. Player Dashboard
  2. Action Cards
  3. Complete game board
  4. Notre Dame
  5. Character Cards
  6. Material Supply
  7. Your City District (if you hover your mouse on the main map over another player's district, it is shown here)
  8. Harbour and rat indicator
  9. Carriage

Next to the player's names are the current gold, influence cubes and position of the rat marker for each player. If you move your mouse over the game board (lower right), you can see the different types of message tiles which have been taken as well as a summary of the placement of influence cubes for each player in their district.


Just to the left of Notre Dame you can see your own influence cubes (in the example: 1 = your supply, 5 = available in the general supply) your gold coins and your prestige points achieved so far. Your collected message tiles are also shown here.

Notre Dame
  1. Round indicator: the letter stands for the stage, the number for the round within a stage
  2. Influence cubes placed within Notre Dame
  3. Rat border: Total of rats on the three Character cards
  4. Display of uncovered Character Cards: if you move your mouse over it, the complete card appears.

Starting The Game

Depending upon number of players the board is layed out with three, four or five districts.

At the start each player gets:

  • 4 Influence cubes
  • 1 Confidant
  • 1 Coach
  • 3 Gold
  • 9 Action Cards

There are also 4 message tiles of your colour located in your district.

Flow of the game

The game comprises of 3 Stages: each stage consists of 3 rounds, each round contains 5 phases.

  1. Turn over character cards
  2. Choose action cards
  3. Play action cards
  4. Bribe a character
  5. Assess the plague

Phase 1 - Turn over Character Cards

There are two kinds of Character Cards in the game: 6 brown and 9 grey.

At the beginning of each round 2 of the 6 brown cards are turned over. Each card is therefore made available once per stage and once used can become available in the next stage.

The grey cards are turned up one for each turn. The (A) cards are played after each round during Phase 1. The (B) cards are played after each round during Phase 2. The (C) cards are played after each round during Phase 3. (See explanation of Character Cards). These cards are played only once during the game.

Therefore at the beginning of each round 2 brown and 1 grey cards are available.

Phase 2 - Choose action cards

Each player looks at the top 3 cards of his deck. Choose one and pass on the other two to your left-hand neighbour.


Select the two cards which you would like to pass on, then click on the 'pass card' icon.

Of the two cards which you got from the player on your right, select another and pass the remaining one to your left. In this way you will have 3 cards to play with.

After the stage (after 3 rounds) each player will get his 3 action cards back.

Phase 3 - Play action cards

Each player has now 3 action cards, which he can play during this phase. To play a card, simply click on it. Successively all players play an action map out. Afterwards, again in turn, each player plays a second card and carries out the action. Your third card is not used.

The different card actions are explained in detail in the Appendix.

Influence cubes can be placed from your own supply to your district! If you have no more cubes in your own supply, you can select one of your cubes in an existing space in your district and place this in the new location as designated by the card played. You will then get to use that action.


If you dont want to use/move a cube, you can still play the card, however, you do not get to take that action. To do so, click on the small red 'x' on the appropriate card.

Phase 4 - Bribe a character

Once all the action cards have been played, each player may in turn bribe exactly one character revealed during phase 1. for one gold coin. You may now use the abilities of this character. To bribe a character, simply click on the appropriate character card.


A player can pass if he cannot or does not want to pay.

A character can be bribed by several players. The characteristics of the 15 characters are explained here.

Assess the plague

Now the value of the plague is calculated. The sum of all the rats on the three Character Cards on display under Notre Dame is added to current value of the 'rat marker' and moves up the 'rat track'.

If you have influence cubes and/or your confidant on your Hospital, then their quantity is removed from the total number of spaces the rat marker moves. If the value is negative, the rat marker will move backwards, however, not past the zero.

If a player's rat marker reaches a value greater than 9, the following happens:

  • Lose 2 prestige points
Stein entfernen
  • Put an influence cube back into the general supply from the building in your district which has the most cubes
  • The rat stone cannot go past the 9th space

Evaluating Notre Dame

At the end of each stage (after every 3rd round), the influence cubes in Notre Dame are scored as follows:

This depends on the number of players. With 2/3/4/5 players, 6/8/10/12 points will be awarded. The appropriate value is divided by the number of all influence cubes in Notre Dame, rounded down where necessary. All players, who have cubes in Notre Dame, receive the appropriate prestige points for their share of cubes.

Influence cubes are then returned to the general supply.

End of the Game

After three stages/nine rounds the game ends after scoring Notre Dame. Whoever has the most prestige points is the winner. With a tie, then the amount of gold coins is used.

Special rules for the two-person game

With a 2 player game, the layout of the four-player game is used, however there are six points available in Notre Dame instead of ten. Players use opposite districts. Message tiles are placed in all four quarters and again, one of each colour must be taken first before you can take a 2nd of any colour.

With the swapping of cards, each player still selects 2 cards to pass on, then pass on one, thereby receiving 3 cards in total at the end of the transaction.

Otherwise the rules are the same.


The action cards and character cards are described in the Appendix. Whilst playing the game you can get a review of the action available (in German) by hovvering over the card with your mouse. In the appendix you will find a more complete description of all of them.