Ohne Furcht und Adel (Citadels) - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join you can join the game. With /start the game begins (4-7 players). Alternatively, you can use the Game Wizard.

Object of the Game


In Citadels, you and your opponents play the leaders of rival cities increasing their prosperity by building new districts. The game ends after one player builds eight districts, and the players receive points based on what districts they have in their cities. The player with the most points wins.

There are buildings (or districts), character cards and gold. Players keep their cards in their hand and pay gold to play (or "build") them according to the value represented on each card. This value is used to calculate Victory Points at the end of the game. The buildings come in 5 colours: blue, yellow, green, red and purple. Each turn you select exactly one character card.

The Character Cards

The Assassin


Announce a character you wish to murder. The player who has the murdered character should say nothing, both when the announcement is made and when the character is called to take his turn. The murdered character misses his entire turn.

The Thief


Announce a character from whom you wish to steal. When the player who has this character is called upon, before he takes any actions, you take all of his gold. You may not steal from the Assassin or the character that the Assassin murdered.

The Magician


At any time during your turn you can exchange cards with another player or with the deck. When you exchange with another player then you exchange your entire hand of cards (not the cards in your city) with the hand of another player. This applies even if you have no cards in your hand, in which case you simply take the other player’s cards. When you exchange cards with the deck, discard any number of cards from your hand, then draw an equal number of cards from the deck.

The King


You may choose to receive gold equal to the number of noble (yellow) buildings in your city. If no King is chosen during the next round, you will keep the crown counter. If you are murdered, you skip your turn like any other character. Nevertheless, after the last player has played his turn, when it becomes known that you had the King character, you take the crown counter (as the king's heir) and you choose your character first on the next round.

The Bishop


You may choose to receive gold equal to the number of religious (blue) buildings in your city. Your buildings may not be destroyed by the Warlord.

The Merchant


You may choose to receive one extra gold. You may also choose to receive gold equal to the number of trade (green) buildings in your city.

The Builder/Architect


You may draw two extra building cards and put both in your hand. You may build up to three buildings during your turn, paying for each as normal.

The Warlord


You may choose to receive gold equal to the number of military (red) buildings in your city. You may destroy one building of your choice by paying a number of gold equal to 1 less than the cost of the building. Thus, you may destroy a cost 1 building for free, a cost 2 building for 1 gold, etc. You may destroy one of your own buildings. You may not, however, destroy any building in a city that contains eight buildings, or any building belonging to the Bishop.

Flow of the game

Each player gets four building cards and two pieces of gold at the beginning of the game. The starting player is determined and becomes king. The king always begins the round and has first choice of character.

In a game of 4 players, 2 character cards chosen at random each round are unavailable and marked with a blue circle. In a game of 5 players, only 1 card is so marked, and with 6 or 7, none. In all games, one extra card is also unavailable and marked with a red cross.

Auswahl König

The king receives the remaining cards to select from. The king now chooses his desired character by clicking on the card he wants. The choice of cards now passes round in normal player order with all previously-chosen cards marked with a red cross. Thus no player ever knows for certain which character a particular player has chosen.

Auswahl Ende

The last player to select has a choice of two cards. Thus no player ever knows for certain which character a subsequent player will choose.


Once everyone has selected a character the Interface will call the roles in order (provided they are available). The sequence is always Assassin - Thief - Magician - King - Bishop - Merchant - Architect - Warlord. The most recent actions are listed beside the king figure. If the king is in the wrong place, simply drag and drop it to a more convenient location.

Ausgabe König

If you click and hold on the king figure, you can see more of the previous actions.

The active player now gets a panel showing all his possible actions.


Each round you have the following possible actions:

  • You may take one card from a choice of two by clicking on the card icon, OR two pieces of gold from the supply by clicking on the gold pieces icon.
  • You may select the build option (stairs icon) and choose one of your building cards to build. You must have sufficient gold to pay the building cost.
  • If you have chosen the King, Merchant, Warlord or Bishop, you may choose to receive a number of gold equal to the number of buildings in your city which match your character's colour.

This example shows the action panel for the king.

When you have finished taking your actions, click the icon with the green arrow on the blue background.

You may perform the actions in any order you choose. You may choose not to perform any or all actions. No action can be performed more than once per round, unless otherwise specified (e.g. the architect may build up to 3 buildings).

Playing and Scoring

The game ends at the end of the round in which any player has 8 buildings in his/her city. The round is completed as normal.

Each player gets the total of the victory points shown on his/her buildings. In most cases, the victory points are equal to the building costs. The following bonuses are also available:

  • 3VP for each player whose city contains at least one building in each of the 5 colours.
  • 4VP for the first player to have 8 buildings in his/her city.
  • 2VP for each subsequent player whose city contains 8 buildings.

The player with the most Victory Points wins. If tied, the player with most building related points wins.

Game Interface

Player Dashboard


Each player has a dashboard available for all players to see:

  • Top left is the number of gold pieces
  • Below this is the number of cards held
  • You can see the cards in your hand by clicking on the barrel at the bottom left of your own dashboard only
  • Until your character is called your dashboard shows a question mark. Once your character has been called your card is displayed (unless the Assassin murdered your character).
  • The crown indicates who was the starting player for this round.


All Players

Receive 2 Gold

Karten nehmen

Receive one Building Card from a choice of two




When you click the Build icon the cards in your hand appear. Click on the building you want to build. You must have enough gold to build it.

Zug beenden

End your turn


Select a character to murder.


After selecting the dagger icon, select the character you wish to kill.


Click this icon to steal. A list of available targets is shown. Select the character to steal from.


Click this icon to exchange all the cards in your hand with all those of another player. Choose the player from the list that appears.


Click on this icon to exchange any/all of the cards in your hand with the deck. Select the cards you want to exchange then click “OK".

King (König)

Receive one gold for every yellow building in your city


Receive one gold for every blue building in your city

Trader (Händler)

Receive one gold for every green building in your city


Receive one gold

Master Builder (Baumeister)

The Architect can take two cards from the deck and keep both. This is independent of the normal action of drawing two and keeping one, or taking two gold. Use this icon to take two cards into your hand.


The Building menu appears slightly differently for the Architect. Since the Architect can build up to three buildings in a round, he can highlight up to three buildings (that he has enough gold to build) and then click "OK".


Receive one gold for every red building in your city


Click this icon to destroy one building. This costs one less than the building cost.


After selecting the "destroy building" icon, a list appears of players whose buildings may be destroyed. Select the person whose building you wish to destroy and then select the building itself. The cost for destroying a building is one less than its building cost.

Purple Buildings

The purple buildings all have special functions, which are described below. If you hover over a purple card it will display its abilities. The Great Wall has been omitted from this list. Its power is that the cost for the Warlord to destroy any of your other buildings is increased by one gold.

Haunted City

When the victory points are calculated at the end of the game you can use the haunted city as a building in the colour of your choice.

At the end of this game you can achieve your bonus for all 5 colours with the haunted city when you use it as a "joker" fot the colour you haven't built.


The keep cannot be destroyed by the warlord.


In the beginning of your turn, instead of choosing one card from two (if you choose that action), you may choose one from three.

Intead of drawing two building cards you draw three cards. However you still may keep only one.


Once during your turn, you may discard a building card from your hand and receive one gold from the bank.


Click on this icon to discard one building card from your hand for one gold. Select the card from the list that appears.


Once during your turn, you may pay two gold to draw three building cards.


When the Warlord destroys a building, you may pay one gold to take the destroyed building into your hand. You may not do this if you are the Warlord.


If you want to take the destroyed building for one gold, click on this icon. If not, click on the blue arrow.

School of Magic

If you are the King, Merchant, Bishop or Warlord, and choose to receive gold for buildings in your city of the relevant colour, you receive 1 additional gold.


Instead of choosing one building card from two (if you choose that action), you put both cards into your hand.

University and Dragon Gate
Universität Drachenhort

This building costs 6 gold to build but is worth 8 VP.

Game Options


With this option you cannot build two of the same building.