Pacman - Online Guide

Starting The Game


The Game starts when you click on the screen. This is BSW version of the classic arcade game Pacman. At the top of the screen you see your score and the current level. The bottom of the screen shows how many lives you have remaining.

Object of the Game

You use the 4 arrow keys on your keyboard to change direction. As you move along, you eat the yellow dots. When all the yellow dots on a level are eaten, you move to the next level.


You need to avoid the 4 Goblins(red,blue,orange, and pink), if they catch you, you lose a life. Whenever you eat one of the 8 cherries on the board, the Goblins will temporarily change color, to dark blue. When this happens you can chase the goblins and eat them for extra points(see the picture above)

End of the Game

When you lose your last life, the game ends.