Paris Paris - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 2-4 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game


Paris Paris is about traveling around the French capital on the bus. The players develop different travel booths at bus stops in the various quarters within Paris. During the game there are small and large bus trips. Players will eceive points for their travel booths.

Flow of the game


During each round, there is always one more bus stop than players. To place a ticket booth, clicks on your desired tile from the list provided for the round. To better see these locations, the current available locations are highlighted on the map. Up to 2 booths can be placed on intersections, however, only 1 booth may be placed at the non-intersections. If you choose a location, which is already fully occupied, then you can decide which booth to remove.


In order to remove a booth, clicks on the booth of the colour which you wish to remove from the game.

Small Bus Tour

Kleine Fahrt

At the end each round a bus stop is unused. This defines the source for the small bus tour. For each travel boot at this location, you score 1 point. If the location is empty, then, according to the colour of the tile, and travelling along the line of that colour, the next adjacent location(s) each score 1 point for each travel booth located there. For each of these huts the owner receives ever one point.

In the example above, green scores 3 points for a small bus tour starting from Luxembourg. Grey scores one.


The remaining tile, which initiated the small bus tour, is placed in the area in the top left of the screen. As soon as there are two tiles of same colour here, a large bus tour begins.

Large Bus Tour

Große Fahrt

With a large bus tour, the bus travels along the whole of the line of the appropriate colour. At each intersection, 1 point is awarded for every travel booth located there. In addition, any travel booths connected to this intersection which are 1 stop away from it, no matter the colour of the line, also score 1 point.

In this example, a large bus tour has occured on the green line. At Montmartre pink and grey both score 1 point. (Each have one booth there and they have no adjacent booths). At Pompidou green scores 1 point and yellow scores 3 points. (Yellow has booths in St-Nicolas and Pont Neuf, both neighbouring Pompidou). Hotel de Ville scores 2 points for pink and Quartier Latin scores 1 point for pink.

A lone booth on a route does not score points. You MUST have a booth on an intersection to score for booths adjacent to the intersection. Therefore if grey had a booth on Notre-Dame then he would score no points.

Playing and Scoring


The game ends after 20/15/12 rounds with 2/3/4 players. Each player also has their own secret Large Bus Tour to score. This is indicated by the bus colour shown to each player during the game. In 2 player games there is an additional colour that both players can see (i.e. three routes are scored in total). The public one is the one to the right. If there is a tie, the player with fewer booths on the board wins.

Bag Evaluation: During the game player's booths may be removed. These are placed in a bag for the end of the game. The player having the most booths removed, scores 1 point for every booth removed. If there is a tie then no-one scores. In two player game this rule does not count.

Game Options


During the final tally, all lines are scored as large routes.

Game Material

There are as many location-cards as roads towards that location. i.e. there is one card for each final station and each intersection of four streets has four cards.