Piranha Pedro - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 2-6 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game


Pedro is stranded on a lonely island surrounded by water. There are Piranhas waiting to eat Pedro. The players direct Pedro's moves and place stepping stones, to keep Pedro safe. But when the stones run out…

How to Play

Pedro starts the round at the Palm Tree on the Island. Each player starts the game with 4 stones. Each round, all players 4. receive 12 cards. The 12 cards are 1,2,3 steps in each of the. The Sombrero next to a player's name indicates that they are the start player this round.

Each turn, the players select a card to play simultaneously. Once all players select a card and click the OK button, Pedro is moved, starting with the start player's card. If Pedro is moved over water, the player must place a stone on the board, if they have one, to prevent Pedro from falling into the water. The Sombrero is moved to the next player, and another turn takes place.

The round ends when one of the following occurs:
  • Pedro is moved off the board.
  • Pedro hits a Piranha
  • A player runs out of stones and Pedro moves on a water space without a stone.

  • When the round ends:

    1. The player who caused the round to end, clicks on any Piranha on the board, this is a penalty.
    2. All players return any unused stones to the supply.
    3. Pedro starts in the space before the one that ended the round.
    4. Players receieve new stones based upon the cards that remain in their hand. For each 1 step card they receive 1 stone, for every 2 x 2-step cards they receive 1 stone(rounded down). A player may receive a maximum of 6 stones.

    Special Situations:
  • If all players have no cards remaining, they all get all 12 cards back
  • On Brettspielwelt there is an unlimited number of stones available in the supply(This is different from the board game).
  • Special rules for 2 Player games

    In a 2 player game, the game is played until one player has 3 piranhas.

    On each turn, the start player plays 2 cards and the other player plays 1. The card order is Start Player, other player, start player. When the start player clicks on a card, they will see the number 1 on it, then when they click another card, they will see a 2 on it. This indicates their first card played and their second card played.

    Translated by TheBoomer

    Instructions (Comic Based) - In German

    Comic-Anleitung Seite 1 Comic-Anleitung Seite 2 Comic-Anleitung Seite 3 Comic-Anleitung Seite 4 Comic-Anleitung Seite 5 Comic-Anleitung Seite 6