Ra - Online Guide

Starting the game

With /join 3-5 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

The Interface

Game boardThe game plays over three epochs, which reflects the history of ancient Egypt: the old, the middle and the new realms.

During these epochs each player tries to advance their dynasty, by bidding their suns, to take the most valuable tiles.

Scoring occurs at the end of each epoch. The player with the most points after three epochs wins the game.

Playing the Game

The active player can either take the next tile from the bag or call 'Ra' and start an auction.

Pulling a tile from the bag.

ZiehenClick on the 'bag' icon to draw the next tile.


An auction can be called in three ways:

Versteigerung1. If the active player pulls a 'Ra' tile from the bag then a 'Forced' auction is held. The name of the player who pulled the tile appears in white writing under RA. The following players can now offer one of their suns for all the tiles on display. The player, who drew RA, gets to offer last. If no player offers, the play continues.

Versteigerung2. The player chooses an auction, by clicking on the RA figure, instead of pulling a tile. His name appears then in yellow writing under RA. The following players can now offer one of their suns for all the tiles on display. The player, who drew RA, gets to offer last. If no-one bids the player who called Ra must place a bid. If someone else placed a bid then the calling player can optionally bid.

Auslage voll

3. If the rack showing with tiles is full (eight tiles), an auction is called automatically. If no-one offers the tiles are removed from play.

PassenIf you are passing the bid, click on the crossed out sun. To place a bid, click on one of your suns whose value you wish to offer. The player who bids the highest sun. takes the tiles offered, takes the sun whose vale was on display (next to Ra - for use in the next round), and places the sun he used in place of the one he received. You only get one bid per auction! The sun used to win the auction is now part of the next auction.

GötterGod tiles can be used to swap a tile from the rack instead of your normal turn. Alternatively you can keep the God tile and get 2 points at the end of the epoch. Once you have swaped the God tile for the one you want in the rack, it is discarded. Once you have made the swap, click on the blue arrow to complete your turn.

Tod Tod Tod TodBlack bordered tiles are “destruction” tiles. If you win these cards you MUST destroy two tiles of the appropriate type to discard them. The tiles perform the following action:

DROUGHT - Lose 2 nile tiles (starting with flood tiles before normal flood tiles)
EARTHQUAKE - Lose 2 building tiles of your choice
PESTILENCE - Lose 2 Pharaohs
FAMINE - Lose 2 civilization tiles of your choice

LeisteA round/epoch ends in one of two ways:

1) Sufficient RA tiles have been drawn to fill up the Ra track. This track is shown with the small red dots which appear at the top of the screen. When this happens the round ends immediately!
2) All players have used up their suns.


All players start the game with 10 points.

Scoring for the end of rounds 1 and 2 are as follows:

  Tile Points
Having the MOST Pharaohs Pharaonen +5
Having the fewest Pharaohs Pharaonen -2
Each gold Gold +3
Each god tile Götter +2
Having NO civilizations Zivilisation -5
3 Different Civilizations Zivilisation +5
4 Different Civilizations Zivilisation +10
5 Different Civilizations Zivilisation +15
Each Nile Tile (must have a flood!) Fluss +1
Each flood tile Überschwemmung +1

Nile tiles count only if you have at least one flood tile to accompany them.

At the end of each round/epoch you can keep your Pharaohs, Nile tiles and Monuments. All other tiles must be discarded!

The scoring after the third round is the same as the previous rounds. In addition, the following are also scored:

  Tile Points
Having the highest total value with your suns Sonnen +5
Having the Lowest total value with your suns. Sonnen -5
1-6 different monuments (each) Monumente 1-6
7 different monuments Monumente 10
8 different monuments Monumente 15
3 monuments the same. Monumente 5
4 monuments the same. Monumente 10
5 monuments the same. Monumente 15

The player with the highest total score wins!

Card distribution

Götter Gold Nil Überschwemmung Niltod Monumente Monumententod Pharao Pharaonentod Zivilisation Zivilisationstod RA
8 5 25 12 2 5x8 2 25 2 5x5 4 30