Rotactical - Online Guide

Object of the Game

Rotactical is about mastering different levels of course, by manipulating the balls,collecting 4 balls the same colourand blowing up the rotational couplings.

Starting the Game


When you play Rotactical for the first time, click on the 'Start' button. You begin at level 1.
Rotactical has 100 different levels. After you solve level, you are given a password. If you have already solved a level, you can enter the password to gain acces to that level. You will then be shown the level number you have accessed. Click on 'Start'.

Game Board


The screen shows different rotational couplings, each which have 4 free compartments. The rotational couplings are connected via yellow tubes.


A ball is introduced into the top of the screen. The ball will move back and forth until it is able to fall into a space on one of the bearings. You only have a certain amount of time to get each ball into a bearing. The colour will change from green to yellow, orange, red then black. As soon as the bar begins to turn black, a yellow vertical line runs along from right to left. If the line makes it to the left hand side, you lose 1 life. The number of lives you have remaining are shown as green balls at the top of the screen. Your score so far is also shown on the top right. The colour of the next ball to be released is also shown.

Flow of the game

A goal in each level is to 'blow up' all existing ball bearings. A bearing gets blown up when it contains four balls of the same color (exception see below).

The bearings can be turned by right clicking the mouse. In order to move a ball from a bearing into a pipe, you click it with your left mouse button. Note that during the game no more than four balls in can be motion. While this is the case, no balls can leave the bearings and balls at the start can only enter a free space on a bearing.

A ball can enter a bearing, as long as the top pipe is not completely black. The ball can travel the top pie several times or immediately move into an empty space on a bearing.

If you don't complete a level, you lose a life and can try the same level again. Once you lose all your lives, the game ends.

Game Elements

Colour Changer

zufälliger Farbwandler Farbwandler

The color of the ball is randomly changed in the conduit or is changed to a certain color if that color ball is in the color changer.


The Transporter moves balls to a another location. There can be different combination of transporters. The colours help you see where a transporter route will deliver a ball.

Simple Transporter
Einfacher Transporter: Eingang Einfacher Transporter: Ausgang

Simple transporters have only one entrance and only one exit. See image on left.

Combined entrances and exits
Kombinierter Transporter

The entrance of a transporter can also be the exit of another transporter. You can One recognizes this by a colour filled circle on the corner of the transporter. The picture on the left shows the entrance of the grey transporter and the exit of the yellow transporter.

Transporter with several entrances
Transporter mit mehreren Eingängen

A transporter exit can be the exit for several entrances. In this example on the left the transporter exit provides for green, yellow, blue and white entrances.

Transporter with several exits
Transporter mit mehreren Ausgängen

These transporters have one entrance, but several exits. With one click on the entrance you can choose between exits. The active exit is marked with a coloured circle (see icon on top right of the picture).

Colour Request


Here only balls of the requested color are allowed through. In the example shown, only Green balls would pass.


The obstacles described below are not present at the beginning of a level. They emerge only during the level. If a traffic light and a combination are requested at the same time demanded, then the combination must be done first.

Traffic Light

Here the ball bearings must be blown corresponding to the "traffic light" pattern shown. In the example first with green balls, then pink then red. The traffic light applies not only to the bearing next to it ,but rather for all bearings on the current level.


To blow out a this bearing, the balls must be the comination shown, in the correct positions. A Combination has priority over a traffic light.

One way rails


Here balls can only travel one way along the rail, as indicated by the arrows


For each level there is a certain number of points. In additional there are bonus points for the time not spent. If you score 500,000 points, you get an extra life.

End of the Game

The game ends when you lose all your lives.