Solitaire - Online Guide

Object of the Game

Solitair is a well-known game, where you must remove as many stones as possible by jumping over them.

Game Board


The grey stones are set up on the board with one missing in the very middle.

Click on the star to start the game.

If you click on the arrow at the top, then you leave the room.

Your score and your time taken are shown at the top of the screen.

Your current level is shown on the bottom left. The number under it indicates the number of remaining stones needed to complete this level.

Flow of the game

You must jump over another one of your stones in either a horizontal or vertical direction. The space you are moving into must be free. The stone jumped over is then removed from the board. Typically you only want 1 stone left. On BSW there are different targets for each level. If you do not make the target for the level you are on, then the game is ended.


Your score is determined by the number of stones left and the time used in playing.