Top Race - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 2-6 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game


Who has the fastest car? Who has the best racer and who can best use their cards? Top Race is about bidding for cars, betting on winners and keeping your cars moving down the track.

The players bid for cars, move them using the cards that they have in their hands and make profits/losses by placing bets on the winning car.


The status window on the left of the game board displays the active player and the action required. When the flag on the left is green, it means that it is your turn to play.

When you move your mouse the flags symbol, you can see what cars belong to which players and how much money each player has left after the auction phase.

Flow of the game

The Racing Car Auction

At the beginning of the game, 6 racing cars are put up for auction. Each player receives $200,000 as starting capital.


The first bid starts at $10,000. Click on one of the values if you wish to place a bid. The current highest bid is shown under the car. NOTE At any time you can right click to view your cards. You should look at these first before you place any bids. Once everyone else has passed, the car is won, and the next car goes up for auction.

A player can buy more than one car, however, each player MUST buy at least one car.

If the last car is up for auction, and a player still does not have a car, he must pay $30,000 (fixed price) for it.


Cars are placed on the start-up line in the order in which they were auctioned.



To see your own cards, move the mouse to the narrow strip at the bottom of the screen. Once on this strip, you can view your cards. You must play one of these cards. Just click on the desired card.


A typical card could be move the yellow car 6 spaces, the white 4 spaces, the red 2 spaces and the green 1 space. The vehicles are always moved from top to bottom of the selected card. In this example, first yellow, then white, then red and finally green.


When you select a card, it will appear magnified on the screen. you can then drag and drop the card on your display.


The possible flags where the current car can go are flagged by the program. To move a car, hover over one of the target white flags, which will then turn red. To move the car to the desired destination, just click on the red flag.

Wild card

On some cards, a white car is shown. This is a wild card. On the right you see a choice of the possible of colours. Click on the colour and the white car will be replaced by the new colour. You cannot select any colour which is already shown on this card.

Special Cards

This card shows two cars between a double. The card can only be used by these two colors. The player has two options in using the card:

1. You can force the leading car off the road. It must stay there until the trailing car overtakes it.

2. You can move the car which is further back, to just behind or next to the other car to the front, provided there is an open road.

For Example:


1. By clicking on the green car, it will remain on the side of the track until the black car had overtaken it. Until then the green car will not advance.

2. By clicking on a flag behind the green car, the black car will be advanced directly behind the green (here it is not possible to be next to it since the track is narrow).

You can strategize on the best use of your cards (nice or EVIL!)

Placing Bets

As soon as any car passes over section lines, all players must bet on which car will win. Every player will see this on their screen.


During the first bet, click on the first row, the second bet on the second row and the last bet on the third row. Click on the car you think will cross the finish line first.

In this example, the player bet on yellow in the first round and red in the second round

The pay out on the bet(s) depends on the final place of the car(s) you bet on.

PlaceBet #1Bet #2Bet #3
1.90.000 $60.000 $30.000 $
2.60.000 $40.000 $20.000 $
3.30.000 $20.000 $10.000 $
4.0 $-10.000 $-20.000 $
5.-10.000 $-30.000 $-60.000 $
6.-30.000 $-60.000 $-90.000 $

Final Scoring

The scoring for the game is as follows:

a) Any funds not used in the auction.

b) Profits/losses from bets (see above table)

C) Prize moneys for yuor own cars:

1.200.000 $
2.150.000 $
3.100.000 $
4.60.000 $
5.30.000 $
6.10.000 $

The player with the most money wins the game.

Game Options


With the 'stock market' option, you don't bid for cars. Instead you get 5 shares in every car at the beginning of the game, you can select which shares toi buy during the game (see figure).


During the game, an auction phase takes place at the end of each turn. Each player must allocate (secretly) to buy and sell two shares (2 up and 2 down) then confirm with "ok".

At the end of the game you earn the value of the position times the number of shares you own in that car.


Special cards and joker cards are distributed fairly.


Select between 4 different tracks:

Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4