Vabanque - Online Guide

Starting The Game

/join allows 3-6 players to join the game. /start begins the game. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game


Players try to win the most money by clever placing of their stakes, character cards and pawns during four rounds.

The game plays over four rounds. In each round each player must:

  1. Place stakes at the tables
  2. Place their character cards (3) at tables
  3. Move their pawn.

PLaying each round

Placing Bets


The first action is to place bets at the tables. On your turn click on a table where you wish to place your bet. Each player places a bet sequentially until all bets have been placed. The more bets placed the greater the potential payout for that table. The number and value of bets on each round are as follows:

  • Round 1 - 4 bets worth 5 points each
  • Round 2 - 3 bets worth 10 points each
  • Round 3 - 2 bets worth 20 points each
  • Round 4 - 1 bet worth 50 points

Placing Cards

During this phase, characters are placed at the tables. On your turn you can place one character. Click on the card you wish to play and then on the table you wish to place it. Each player places one card sequentially until all cards have been played. These cards remain hidden until the scoring at the end of the round.


Bluff: This card does nothing. It is used to confuse the other players.


Cheat: If another player's pawn lands on this table, then the cheat takes the winnings for this table. (See below for valuations).

Gewinn erhöhen

Raise: Each card of this type multiplies the value of the table. Example: two cards on a table of value 20 means The normal value (1) plus (2) raise cards = (3) * 20 = 60 points.

Moving the pawns


Once all the character cards have been played, each player now moves their pawn, again, in sequence. Each player may move their pawn from 0-4 tables in a clockwise direction. Simply click on the table to move your pawn to. There can be any number of pawns on a table. Remeember, if you move your pawn to a table with an oppponents character card it could be a cheat, raise or a bluff.


Each player may get points in two different ways:

a) You can win at a table with your pawn provided there is no cheat at the table.

b) You can steal the table if you have your cheat at the table and another person's pawn visits.


Each table which is scored is shown to enable the players to see the final scores for each round. The tables are highlighted with a yellow border.


The bottom right window now shows what each player placed at each scoring table. Each player must confirm at each table with “OK”.

Before the Next Round

The sequence of play is now determined for the next round. The player with most points will begin, followed by the second highest player etc. If there is a tie for position, then the player who played earlier in the previous round does so again.

End of the Game

After 4 rounds the game ends. The winner is the player with most points. If there is a tie then those players all win.