Yinsh - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 2 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

The goal of the Game


Yinsh is the 2 player game of Rings and Stones

Each player starts with five rings. Players place these at the beginning of the game alternating turns. When you manage to make five stones in a line, you remove one of your rings. The first player to remove three rings wins the game. You must therefore create 5 stones in a line of your colour, three times during the game, to win.

Placing and Moving


At the beginning of the game the players take turns to put their rings on the board. They can choose any position for the rings they like. Player 1 (white) always starts the game. During the course of the game the rings are moved across the board along the lines.


On the start of your turn, you will place a stone instide one of your rings. Click on the ring you wish to move. Drag and drop it to it's new location. The following rules apply:

  • A ring can only move in a straight line to another free intersection
  • A ring may not jump over another ring of any color.
  • A ring may jump over stones, however when it does it must be placed in the first free intersection after doing so. It can cross over as many empty intersections as it wants.

All stones have two sides: one white and one black. When a ring is passed over a stone(s), all the stones are turned over no matter what colour the stone was previously.

Stones can only change colour (or removed when a line of 5 is created) - they are never moved.

Forming a Row - Removing a Ring


When a player makes a line of 5 stones with their colour, then those 5 stones are removed as well as a ring of the colour of that player. The player can choose which ring to remove.

If more than one permutation is created, then the player can select which 5 stones to remove. He clicks the first and last stone in the line of choice.

It is also possible to make more than 1 line of 5 stones during a play. It is also possible to make a line for your opponent!

End of the Game


The game ends when:

  • A player removes his third ring.
  • All the stones are used up. The winner is the player who has removed the most rings.

If both players form a line of 5 at the same time, then the winner is the player who made this play since he can remove his ring first!

Game Options


This option records the game play to yinsh.biskai.de. Here you can log in as a guest and replay the game time again to review how you played.


This option limits the time for each player. If your allocated time runs out, you lose!