Air-Bubble Agreement Between Netherlands And India To Be Effective From 1 Nov 2020

More than 17 Lakh people since May 6, 2020 has been relieved. All foreigners (from any SCHENGEN, South American or African COUNTRY) who intend to visit India for any purpose (including their dependents in the corresponding category of dependent visas), with the exception of those with a tourist visa and sailors from the Schengen Area, South America or Africa, may also travel on these flights. iv. Only sailors from the Schengen area, South America or Africa. As mentioned in the details on MoCA`s official website, the category of passengers allowed to receive on board flights between the mentioned nations belongs: The carriers of India and Ukraine will operate between the two countries. Under the agreement, airlines from both countries are allowed to fly between cities. ii. Any Indian national who holds a valid Visa from Afghanistan and is intended only for Afghanistan. It is the member`s interest on the airlines concerned to ensure that there is no travel restriction for Indian nationals to travel to Afghanistan with the relevant visa category before issuing a ticket/boarding pass to the Indian passenger.

Although international commercial flights are prohibited, Indians can still travel to and from a few countries. This is possible because of the air bubbles or air corridors created by the Indian government with these countries. The Netherlands, Tanzania and Rwanda are the newcomers to the list of countries with which India has already implemented air bubble systems. India had placed air bubbles with Bahrain, Ukraine, Bangladesh, France, Afghanistan, Canada, Iraq, Germany, Qatar, Japan, Maldives, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States, Bhutan and Kenya. Now Indians can travel to a total of 21 international destinations. Keep reading to find out the details. „Watch out for the travellers! An air bubble system has been set up between India and Tanzania. Designated airlines from both countries are allowed to fly between the two countries.

Please plan your trips accordingly,“ MoCA said in a tweet. According to the latest allegations, India has now linked its air bubble agreement with Tanzania and the Netherlands, with 20 countries to which it is linked. The agreement with the Netherlands will begin on 1 November 2020. Indian Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said on Twitter: „In order to further expand the reach of international air links, an air bubble system is now in effect for flights between India and Ukraine, bringing the number of such agreements to 17. Indian and Ukrainian airlines will operate between the two countries. Passengers travelling on flights between India and Ethiopia should only be destined for African countries. Similarly, only passengers from African countries should be allowed to travel on flights between Ethiopia and India. i. Indian nationals authorised to travel abroad and destined for the European Union in accordance with the WMA guidelines of 01.07.2020; Transportation of the travel bubble with Bhutan and Kenya was commissioned in the first half of October. Under the agreement, Indians will be able to take selected international flights to and from these countries. Until September 17, Bahrain, France, Afghanistan, Canada, Iraq, Germany, Qatar, Japan, Maldives, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States were on the list.

Indian nationals who have a valid visa of at least one month, with the exception of the tourist visa, are allowed to travel.