Asean Comprehensive Investment Agreement Citation

234 Tecmed, a.o.a. Note 206, paragraph 122. To see. also S.D. Myers, footnote 204, paragraphs 215, 221, where it was established (in accordance with Article 104(1) of the NAFTA) that the measures taken by Canada, even if imposed by its international environmental obligations, must be the least restrictive methods to achieve the level of environmental protection it has chosen, in compliance with its NAFTA trade and investment obligations. One of the four main objectives of the next ASEAN Economic Community is to become an internal market and a basis for the production of five essential elements: the free movement of goods, services, investment and labour and the free movement of capital. The preamble to the USA Model BIT similarly reaffirms the desire to achieve „investment objectives in a manner consistent with the protection of health, safety and the environment, as well as the promotion of internationally recognized labour rights“. 44 See also FAC Blueprint, ex.O. 23, No 29, which calls for the promotion of intra-national investments, `in particular ASEAN-6 investments in the CLMV` (`CLMV`, concerns Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, which are the least developed and most recent ASEAN member states; and `ASEAN-6` concerns the other more advanced members). 183 Cf. art. 1-4 of the Cooperation Agreement signed in Geneva on 20 March 2007 between the ASEAN Secretariat and the International Labour Office, online: >Google Scholar.

93 CFIA, section 24. UNCTAD, FDI Investment Commissions, note 17 to 121-125, notes that investment promotion provisions are a common feature of regional economic agreements that contain investment provisions, as they aim to promote intraregional investment flows and support countries at different levels of development. 83 IGA, art. X, para. 2. Sornarajah &Arumugam, note 57 to 166, note that the possibility of indicting host State disputes against the foreign investor is „an absolutely novel proposition that cannot be found in any other investment agreement“. 20 Cf. .

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