Business English Contracts And Agreements

Learning some basic contract-related words will help you read contracts better and understand what increases your ability to negotiate them to your advantage. Hi Dan, I am an English assistant in France who teaches a module on Business English, and these programs are absolutely fantastic and also a great source of inspiration! Thank you very much! Contracts are very common these days. But let`s be honest, do we read them before signing? Most of the time, even native English speakers do not read contracts because they are written in an unusual type of English. If you are familiar with contracts, you know that there are certain parts and clauses that are almost always included. But the exact way they are written can vary greatly from one contract to another. „The devil is in the details,“ as the saying went, which is a traditional way of saying that details are very important. This area can be challenging because contractual terminology can be both company-specific and diverse (not to mention difficulties in understanding). However, with this worksheet, participants learn and discuss the general terminology of the contract as well as a „real“ contract. They finally have the opportunity to write their own contract with the key contract terminology learned in the first task.