Hcea Agreement

From the agreement: „This agreement was established through negotiations between the Board of Trustees, represented by the college administration, called `College`, and the Highline College Education Association, called `HCEA`. HCEA is recognized by the College as an exclusive bargaining agent in accordance with RCW 28B.52.020, as later provided for or amended, for all faculty members who are employed or are to be employed at the College. . View Payroll Plans 2020-21 (Registration Cards at the End of Excel Table for PT/TF) 202.2 Determination of Relevant Experiences, Financial Statements and Credits p.11 Click here to view the HCEA Negotiated Agreement 2014-2015. . 610 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND S.59 610.2 In addition, the College shall make available a segregated fund of at least $20,000. . 700 PART-TIME SALARY PROGRAM P. 62,701 Part-time faculty Pay plan P.62,701.1 Part-time faculty Payroll plans P.62,702 Part-time placement P.63,703 Payment of cancelled classes P.64,704 Part-time responsibilities of the faculty P.64 705 Affiliated faculty P.6 5,706 Evaluation of part-time faculties P.65 707 Professional recognition P.66,708 Sick leave P.66,709 Health and pension benefits P.67,710 Assembly Part-time faculty Remuneration p.67 711 Part-time faculty invitations p.67 71 2 moonlight assignments for Ful l-Time Faculty P.68 713 Moonlight Assignments for One-Year Faculty p.68. .

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