Master Service Agreement Portugues

Proposals for treaty change and protection. Transparency of the company`s real needs; . Put the end and predict all situations in which the supplier can extrapolate the limit of good business relationships with its customers. Visibility on the financial potential of equities, investment recovery and compensation; Return on investments in Cruvinel Consultorias services; Strengthening documentary and contractual security for ERP transactions and more. Establishing clear rules for the customer-supplier relationship Reduce expenses through internal workload and team wear and tear through the use of different systems; Strengthening the persuasive power, reducing the risk of litigation through technical assistance and audit advice; See and understand what the project`s flaws were for a possible renegotiation; Substantial reduction in investments to be made, improved deliveries with guaranteed bilateral contracts; Save time by not replacing the purchased solution; adjusting deadlines and revamping existing clauses; Frequent short phrases: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, increased legal certainty by „contract armour“ at the time of hiring; Results: 28. Exactly: 28. Response time: 73 ms. effectively improve the relationship with the supplier through visibility; Maintain good relationships with your suppliers without taking on the full burden of the relationship, even if the mistake is not the customer;