Software License Agreement In Italiano

9The main objective of this analysis is twofold: first, to study the specificities of ITAs as a gender and to define the extent to which they can be considered as hybrid texts; second, to identify translation approaches and techniques to be found in the corpus of compiled ITAs. The small body of documents consists of six ITAs written in English and written by North American IT companies (C1) and their Italian translations (C2). Six AEEs originally written in Italian constitute the Italian part of the equivalent sub-body (C3). In this case, only Italian software companies were taken into account. Indeed, companies established in the Republic of San Marino have several SEAOs written in Italian. However, in order to ensure consistency and avoid divergences that might result from a different legal context, those agreements were not taken into account. Table 1 presents the names of the undertakings concerned and the codes used to identify the texts in question for the purposes of this Article. 23The multiple technical terms present in the three corporations are part of the legal field. Some computer concepts are also present due to the nature of the agreement, but their number is limited. TTs contain a few English words and layers typical of this field: 36In the case of ITAs, the ST made available to translators is usually subject to preliminary adaptation (using localization and domestication strategies) by the company`s legal department.

For example, the elimination of the scenario in which this product is purchased in Canada is related to the implausibility of such an event when the agreement is intended for an Italian-speaking audience. The need to be useful to that clause is particularly limited and is therefore irrelevant, but only an aggravating factor. Pragmatically, this is also in line with the Griceans principles (1975), in particular with the maxim of quantity and ratio. For exclusive use by the primary user of the first copy of the software. [MS-DE] 2.3. Beta and trial use. If Cisco grants you rights to use the corresponding Cisco technology on a test, evaluation, beta, or other basis („Evaluation Software and Services“), you may only use the Software and Evaluation Services temporarily for the period limited by the license key or provided in writing by Cisco. . . .