Tashkent Agreement Subhash Chandra Bose

The Tashkent man is around the late Prime Minister of India, Lal Bahadur Shastri, and the late President of Pakistan Ayub Khan, as well as Soviet Prime Minister Aleksei Kosygin. Anonymous stupste Satbhai in order to obtain the relevant cinematographic material of Olga Dyubina from Net-Film in Russia, to determine the identity of this person on the basis of the evidence presented and to determine whether this made the Tashkent man the same as Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Millar`s report and its evidence were published on Satbhai`s website Thebosemystery.com. Did you fund the effort yourself or do you have other funds available? I funded this survey myself. The official certified report on the Tashkent man was funded by Bose admirers in India after seeing my work on Thebosemystery.com and felt that a certified report would give weight to the Tashkent-Man theory. Most of these Bose admirers believe in the bhagwanji (Faizabad) angle to the mystery of Bose, which claims that since the 1950s he has lived in different parts of Uttar Pradesh in disguise as a holy man until his death in 1985 in Faizabad. On January 11, 1966, the President of Pakistan, General Ayub Khan and Shastri, signed the Tashkent Agreement that dropped the curtain of war. The answer could be found in his alleged flight from Manchuria to the former Soviet Union, after the collapse of the Swan Army and the capitulation of Imperial Japan. We must start from the beginning to follow Netaji`s journey from the time he left for Europe in 1933 for treatment in Austria.

Interestingly, Nambiar, who was Netaji`s assistant, ran the Free India Centre in Berlin. This center also controlled the Free Indian Legion or Free India Legion in the Waffen SS, composed of Indian troops. Nambiar fled from the Third Reich which collapsed towards Austria, from where he was captured in June 1945. Did he contact the thighs and convey a message from Netaji? The Allies arrested him and wanted to try him in Nuremberg as a Nazi collaborator. However, he managed to escape and, with the help of an Indian passport issued to him by nehrus` transitional government, he sought refuge in Switzerland and got a job with the Indian embassy in Bern. He was then appointed Indian Ambassador to Scandinavia and returned to Germany in 1951 as India`s Ambassador to West Germany. During this time, he had to stay in contact with the thighs. He also met Netaji? Why didn`t anyone ask him what he knew? It is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in contemporary Indian history. He got his light dinner including spinach, potatoes and a little curry specially prepared by the Indian ambassador, Jan Mohammed, the chef of Triloki Nath Kaul. The Soviet Nazi Pact collapsed in June 1941 with the Nazi invasion of the USSR. The importance of Netaji as an asset in Germany for the Soviets would have been multiplied by several.

However, with the arrest of japan`s leading Soviet spy, Richard Sorge, on October 18, 1941, the Soviets did not have access to the highest decision-making levels in Japan. Since Netaji was unable to attract more than 3,000 Indian prisoners of war to switch sides and the Germans, it is argued that with the case of Burma and the large number of Indian soldiers captured during the fall of Singapore, Netaji made more sense to focus on the Far East. Most of the mysteries of his death are that he died in a plane crash near Taiwan in 1945 or that he was executed by Soviet leader Stalin. Bose: Dead or Alive is based on India`s largest cover. (Credit: An image from the web series) Netaji Subhash Bose discovered in the photo in 1966? Did Netaji live 20 years after the declaration of death? #NetajiMystery pic.twitter.com/SIcMyrdV2F His mother cleaned her lips with „ghee“ (butter), the butter in the bowl turned blue and hardened….