Tenancy Agreement Sample Cyprus

Rental terms: People often confuse a lease with a fixed-term lease, so it`s a good idea to indicate what the contract and other terms are in the agreement. Your choice depends on the flexibility of your agreement with the tenant. In such cases too, the rent control court may order the lessor to grant the tenant, instead of damages, the right to a new lease after the conversion. Finally, the court may award damages in the amount of 9 to 18 months` rent and/or damages for the loss of good value of a business. It is very important to carefully check the terms of the contract before signing a lease (or sometimes called a „lease“), either as a lessor or as a tenant. Even though this type of agreement may seem like simple and simple unilateral agreements, it would be desirable to get the opinion of a lawyer/lawyer, as you are committing yourself by signing an agreement on its terms, but also on terms that may not be expressly written into the agreement, but are implicit by law. Grab a camera or laptop so you can review your visits at the end of your appointment. Ask your employer to provide you with a reference that confirms your employment so that the officer can check them if you continue. You carry your ID card and current account statement so that the agent can create a copy if necessary. The strongest referral you can have is from your current agent or owner. If you are able to get one, take it to the tours. As part of the agreement, you`ll likely have to pay a refundable deposit (usually one month`s rent). You should also get a copy of an inventory of the property and condition of the property.

Make sure that the agent does not charge you a fee, as this is not the case in Cyprus. Decide whether you want the contract to be written in a single name or in common. Incidental costs can only be transferred to a person mentioned in the contract. Check if the accommodation will be cleaned before your start date. In addition to a full address, you cover all the details of the asset to be covered in the rental agreement, including the housing number, the number of rental properties and the state of ownership, if the basic agreement is concluded. Occupancy limitation: always indicate that the rental is for the tenant who signed the contract as well as for his minor children. This allows you to control the occupancy of your property and thus scare away a person who moves in with friends without your permission. The lease must be written in clear but simple language.

Just because it`s a legal treaty doesn`t mean you have to be confused. So write an agreement that both parties will understand and respect. A good start could be a standard rental agreement that you can adapt later to your individual needs. Property and property management laws differ from state to state and even state to state, so it`s important that you understand the laws in the contractual area. Here`s how to write a lease; As stated earlier, the rental agreement set out all the rules that the tenant and landlord must agree to have a good lease. But then again, this is a legal contract, so it is important to indicate the decisive business details, even if the lease will last several pages. . . .