Usufructuary Agreement Sample Philippines

(474) Õ The naked owner cannot normally sell the usufruct to another after selling it first to the usufruct merchant, but if he does, the rules apply for double sales 1. Misuse – this does not prevent the naked owner from significantly injuring them2. Misuse – which caused significant injuries to the naked owner. The usufruct continues, but the bare owner may demand delivery and administration by him, but he is obliged to deliver the product to the usufruct c. If the usufruct was alone on the building, the bare owner can rebuild with or without the consent of the construction of usufruct, but he must pay interest on the value of the land and old materials that may have been used  They are not necessary before the right of usufruct begins, you are only necessary before physical possession and enjoyment of the property can exist, Therefore, if the usufruct does not provide a guarantee, the usufruct still begins, but the naked owner obtains the rights conferred on him under Article 586; It could be usufruct without physical possession of art. 576. If, as a result of a disaster or an exceptional event, the trees or shrubs have disappeared in such a large number that it would not be possible or too expensive to replace them, the usufruct merchant may make the dead, fallen or uprooted trunks available to the owner and demand that the latter remove them and evacuate the land. (484 bis) 1. The usufruct is liable for damages, as if they had been caused by its own fault.2. The secretary of usufruct cannot even make the necessary extraordinary repairs3.

The inventory can continue, but the bare owner can later report discrepancies and omissions in the inventory  Apart from the naked owner`s right to alienate the property, he can also – a. Build any worksb. And make any improvements. Or have it planted on, so rural, but always, such acts should not cause – i. decrease in the value of nights of usufruct. Or infringe the right of usufruct art. 599. The head of usufruct may assert the credits due that are part of the usufruct if he has given or given the right guarantee. If he has been excused by the issuance of a guarantee or if he has been able to give it or if it is not sufficient, he needs the authorization of the owner or the late court to recover these credits. The secretary of usufruct, who gave the guarantee, may use the capital he has recovered in any way he deems appropriate. .