What Is Assessment Agreement

Contract for evaluation or issuance of a special assessment, requirements – maximum assessment, pledge, when, right of preemption, when.; 1. This agreement, including guidelines, selected areas of application and registered agreements (e.g. (B) of the registration agreement), defines all agreements between the parties and there are no agreements, promises, agreements, conditions or agreements written or written between them that are not mentioned in this agreement. If, for any reason, a section or provision is considered illegal, invalid or unenforceable, it does not affect the legality, validity or applicability of this Agreement or other parts of this Agreement. Any party or provision intended to deal with the termination of this Contract is maintained and enforceable. Any waiver of a party to a provision or condition of this Agreement must be made in writing and should not be construed as a waiver of another provision or condition of this Agreement, nor as a waiver of a subsequent violation of the same provision or condition, or as a waiver of any other provision or condition of this Agreement. This agreement and policy are considered to be negotiated among themselves, are interpreted in a neutral manner and should not be interpreted against Greenroads. If your area of evaluation contains voting secrets, this provision applies. Confidential notices are absolutely confidential and you will prevent disclosure of information and results, as well as greenroads. You agree that information, documents and data resulting from the Greenroads evaluation, including, but not exclusively, Greenroads` evaluations and/or evaluation points, cannot be disclosed or made public outside your company or organization, in whole or in any capacity, in the long term, in the long term, being reproduced, reproduced or published. Greenroads will not disclose or use any of your project data, except for internal development purposes to promote Greenroads International`s mission.

Since the project is confidential, you may not be entitled to use Greenroad`s intellectual property, trademarks, logos or business names in your project. If your project is subsequently subject to certification, the confidentiality of this provision will be removed, unless a separate agreement between Greenroads and Yourself is concluded in writing. All evaluations give you access to the website and a brief electronic report on how your project fits within the criteria of the evaluation system (the „assessment report“), as indicated in your area of application. The evaluation report is not a formal rating and should not be confused with Greenroads certification. An evaluation report is not a reference to certification and cannot be published or classified as a certification. Evaluation reports cannot be published by you and can only be used as expressly stated in your area of application. The evaluation does not include the certification submission, but you have the right to submit your project for certification at a later date, once the evaluation is completed, if it is determined that it is warranted.