Ligretto-Speedmachine - Instructions

Starting The Game

With /join 2-6 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game

Ligretto Speed Machine is an expansion to Basic Ligretto in a fast and exciting way.

Game Board

  1. Game Board
  2. Ligretto pile
  3. Rack
  4. Cards in hand
  5. Action Cards
  6. Place for action "Remove a Card"
  7. Place for action cards.
  8. Your own sound symbols
  9. Commonly available sound symbols
  10. Player Dashboard

Flow of the game

The flow of the game is mostly identical to the basic game. 24 action cards are added. They are played randomly during the game. There are 8 wild cards, all other cards are available four times each. Each of the cards is marked with one of eight sound symbols (elefant, drum, cuckoo clock, ship horn, trumpet horn, bell, telefone, cock)

At the start of the game these symbols are attributed to the players. When playing with 2/3/4/5/6 players, each player gets 4/2/2/1/1 symbols. You can see your own symbols below the Stop button (8). Excess symbols are available for all players, these symbols are shown next to the Stop button (9). The symbols of your opponents are shown next to the points scored.

During the game the action cards are played next to the board (5). If a player has the sound symbol shown on the card he can take it (drag and drop it to the area for action cards (7) next to your hand cards)

If more than one card is available, all of them - except for the top one - can be taken by each player, regardless of sound symbol.

Wild card

This action card can be played as wild card onto any card on the board. It cannot be used as a "1". After taking the card it is placed on top of the ligretto pile and can be played from there.

Every second card

This action card lets you cycle through your pile of hand cards two cards at a time (instead of three at a time). It is in effect automatically. Additional cards of this kind have no effect when taken.

Room for one more

With this action card you can store an additional card in your rack. More cards of this kind are possible and work cumulatively.

There you are

After taking this card you must donate the top card of your ligretto pile to one of your opponents. To do this, drag the top card of the pile in the player dashboard to the ligretto pile of one of your opponents. Notice: As long as you haven't fulfilled this action, you cannot make any other moves (similar to clicking on a played 10)

Card gone
Karte weg

After taking this action card, you must throw away one of the cards in your rack. To do this, drag one off the cards to the small symbol of the action card (6). Notice: As long as you haven't fulfilled this action, you cannot make any other moves

As in the basic game, a round ends when one player played all cards from the ligretto pile.

End of the Game

As in basic ligretto the game ends as soon as one player scores at least 100 points.

Game Options


The game sounds of the symbols are not played. The action cards must be identified visually.