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Pandemic Expansions

The Pandemic expansion "On The Brink" provides new roles and event cards players as well as three new challenges that make the game more exciting. The original rules (in German) can be downloaded from here .

Six new roles and new events cards have been added to the game as well as the "Mutation" challenge.

New Game Roles


The GENERALIST can take five actions per turn.


At the start of your turn,, the TROUBLESHOOTER examine the number of cards equal to the current infection rate on top of the Infection Draw Pile and then replace them (in the same order). Also when moving to a city via a Direct Flight(not Charter), he keeps the card.


When the CONTAINMENT SPECIALIST enters a city, if 2 or more cubes of the same color are present, remove 1 of them. This happens automatically and does not cost an action. This is also true if he is moved by another player to that city.


When using the action "treat disease", the FIELD OPERATIVE can once per turn, for an action, take 1 cube from a city they are in and keep it as a “specimin”. They can then cure a disease at a research station by turning in 3 cubes/“specimins” and 3 cards, all of the same color to "Discover a cure".


The ARCHIVIST has a hand limit of eight cards. Once per turn, for an action, they may draw the city card matching the city your pawn currently occupies from the Player Discard Pile.


For the action "share knowledge", the EPIDEMIOLOGIST may take a non-matching city card from a player whose pawn is in the city you are in. You may do this once per turn, for an action, only on your turn (other players cannot give you a non-matching city card on their turns).


The OPERATIONS EXPERT (revised) may build a research station in your pawn’s current city for one action. Once per turn, for an action, while your pawn is at a research station, you may discard any city card to move to any city.

The "Mutation" Challenge

The Mutation challenge adds a fifth purple disease to the game that appears and multiplies in unpredictable ways.

Twelve new random disease (purple) cubes are introduced into the game. Three new mutation event cards are randomly mixed into the Player Draw pile and two mutation cards added to the infection discard pile.

The purple "mutation" can come into play in one of three ways:

  • A mutation is drawn during the infection phase of a player’s turn: A card is drawn from the bottom card of the Infection Draw Pile and a purple cube placed in that city. Both cards are then placed in the Infection Discard Pile.
  • A Mutation Event card is drawn during the Drawing Cards phase of a player’s turn: The instructions on the card are followed. If a player draws 2 Mutation Event cards, then the player chooses which card to resolve first. If a player draws both a Mutation Event card and an Epidemic card, resolve the Mutation Event card first.
  • During the infection phase, if an Infection card is drawn for a city with at least 1 purple cube on it, add both 1 purple cube and 1 cube of the indicated color (unless that disease has been eradicated), resolving any outbreaks normally.

Otherwise, the purple disease acts just like any other disease treated (spread, cure, outbreaks, erradication). Exception : If, during an epidemic a city card is drawn where there are also purple cubes, they are ignored. Three cubes of the normal colour there are placed.

To Cure the purple disease discard 5 city cards (in any combination of colour) at a research station. At least one of these cities must have a purple cube on it. To cure the purple disease, the Scientist discards any 4 city cards and the Field Operative discards any 3 city cards and turns in 3 purple specimine cubes. In both cases at least one of the city cards discarded must depict a city currently containing one or more purple cubes.

The victory conditions are similar to the standard game:

  • Players win the game if they have are either discovered a cure to all five diseases or , the have discovering cures for all 4 standard diseases and have eradicated all purple disease (resulting in 0 purple cubes on the board).
  • The players lose by all the normal means, but also if there are no purplecubes in the supply when one is needed. Note that there are only 12, not 24, purple cubes in the supply!

For a win, points for the game increase by about 1/4 over the points for a standard game, ie 1/5/20/80 points.