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Quick Start Guide for Pandemie (Pandemic)

This guide is for players who already know how to play the game Pandemic. It explains only the game interface.

Game Board

  1. Player display (name, role, cards in play)
  2. Outbreak Marker
  3. Infection deck / discard pile (you can look through) and infection rate
  4. Player card discard (you can search through played cards)
  5. Player's Cards
  6. Action Bar
  7. Player's Role Card
  8. Game Announcements
  9. Operating window for the game chat
  10. Background Light (on/off)
  11. Available disease cubes/Research Labs

Action Toolbar

  1. Movement Actions
  2. Treat Disease
  3. Building a Research Station
  4. Discover a Cure
  5. Sharing knowledge
  6. Continue

Available actions are highlighted in Yellow

  1. Car/Ferry (moving to an adjacent city)

  2. Direct Flight (flying from a card in the player's hand)

  3. Charter Flight (flying to a card in the player's hand)

  4. Shuttle Flight (Flying between White Research Stations)
Wissen teilen

The top icon means give a card, the middle icon means receive a card. Click on your desired icon to take this action. If a choice is available a menu will open with cards to select from.

Special Functions of the various Roles


The dispatcher also has an additional move option: he may move any pawn to another city containing another pawn.

Dispatcher bewegen

The Dispatcher clicks on the icons as usual to perform the desired movement action, then he selects the pawn that he wants to move.

Draw cards

Ereigniskarten bestätigen

When drawing a card changes the state of play (drawing of an epidemic or an event card), players have the opportunity to play one of their event cards before the next phase of play.

To play an event card, simply click on the green check mark to accept it. If you do not want to play the card, you must click on the red X.

Game Options


If this option is activated, the dispatcher needs the consent of his teammates to move their pawns.


This option determines the number of epidemic cards in the deck. For a beginner/normal/hard/legend game then 4/5/6/7 epidemic cards are used. Winning the game scores 1/4/16/64 points, whilst a loss scores zero.


Basic game without the expansion roles from "On The Brink".

Game Chat

An additional communication method is provided to make playing Pandemic more effective. You can use icons to make proposalsThis enables making proposals.

Main Communication - (German ONLY)


The main menu is located below the player information boxes. It is initiated by clicking on an icon in the white speech bubble. This will then open a sub-menu. Each icon will open a different sub-menu.

Submenu - Movement

For all sub-menus: to return to the main menu, click on the green arrow. Your proposal is posted by clicking on the speaker icon. Your proposal will now show in the top right of the output window.


If you want to propose a specific pawn to move to a specific city, check the box below the corresponding pawn left then check the box under the white arrow. Just click on the desired location.

To make a proposal to the dispatcher to bring 2 pawns together, check the box of the target pawn on the right (instead of the arrow).

Submenu - Treat Disease

Seuche bekämpfen

To make a proposal to tread a disease, highlight the target city and click on the speaker icon.

Submenu - Build a Research Lab


To make a proposal to build a research station, highlight the target city and click on the speaker icon

Submenu - Share Knowledge

Wissen teilen

To suggest a proposal to "share knowledge", first click on the two pawns who will share (left is the giver, right is the receiver). Then choose the colour of the target card by checking the box below. You can also select a specific city by selecting the arrow icon.