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Schrille Stille - Online Guide/Rules

Starting The Game

/join allows 3-6 players to join the game. /start begins the game. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game


Each player controls a record label and attempts to get their bands into the top positions on the charts. Each round the players place markers which move bands higher or lower on the charts. They also get markers to indicate their prediction of which band will be the new number 1 and which band will move up the most on charts. Each band scores points for either one or two record labels. Players may change their record label at the end of each round.

After the points are awarded and before the new bands are added, players have a chance to change their label to a different color. You can only change to a color that is not currently being used. So in a 6 player game, this is not possible. You do this by clicking on the new color. In this Phase, all players are going at the same time, so the first player to click a colors gets it. The cost to change labels is 5 points.

Playing the Game

Choosing a Label

At the begining of the game, players are NOT assigned labels. They select them. The server will deal out 14 bands, starting with number 14 and continuing until number 1. At any time a player may click on a color to select it. It is first come first served. If you change you'd mind, you can click on a different color, if it hasn't been taken, with penalty. Once everyone selects a label, then the game proceeds.

Using the Balls


Each round, each player receives 8 balls that will range from -4 to +4. The balls indicate the number of positions that band will be moved. They also receive 2 balls in their color. The No1 ball is used to select the band that player beleives will be the number 1 band at the end of the round.( It is legal to select the current number 1 band). The Ball with the arrow is used to indicate the band that will go up the most places this round. Both the arrow and No1 balls also work like a +1.

Kugeln einsetzen

Each player then uses 5 of the white balls plus their 2 colored ones. The remaining 3 white balls are not used. The do this by draging the ball to the number of the band they wish to effect. If you change you mind, you can remove the ball, by clicking on it and it will return to the bottom of the screen. In the example to the left , the +1 was placed on DEBILE DIODEN. This will move that band up one place. Once you have placed all 7 Balls(5 white and 2 colored) a double arrow button will appear(below the players names). Click that to send you selections to the server. Once all players have done this, the server shows everyones choices and moves the bands.


After all players have placed their balls and accepted, the evaluation starts. The bands are moved in sequence, starting with the band in 14th place and ending with the band in 1st place. For example if both Band 14 and Band 13 each move 1 position the following will happen. Band 14 will be moved, going in front of band 13. Then band 13 will be moved up 1, thus going back in front of band 14.


If more than one player places a ball on a band, they will be combined to determine the amount that band moves. For example. If a +4, a -2 and a No1 are placed on the same band, it will move up 3 places 4-2+1. Remember the colored ball count as a +1.


Now the players score points as follows:

  • The top 6 bands receive points in the following order 6/5/4/3/2/1.
  • Any player that correctly picks the new Number 1, gets 5 points
  • Any band that moves lower than 14 is removed(it will be replaced with a new band after the scoring is done. The player also loses 2 points.
  • Any band that ends the turn in position 11-14 and dropped from its starting position is removed and the player loses 2 points.
  • if a band has 2 colors, both players get full points for that band.
  • The band you picked to move the most, scores one point for each position it moved up or loses 1 point per position if it moved down.

When the first player reaches 30 points, the top 3 bands are retired. They are removed, and all other bands move up and new bands are added at the bottom of the charts. Players do not lose points for this. The retirement phase happens again, when the first player reaches 50 points.

Ending the Game

The game ends when a player reaches 70 points. The player with the most points wins.