Im Schutze Der Burg (A Castle for all Seasons) - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 2-4 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game

A Castle for All Seasons is a tactical building game in which players must obtain resources and gold by playing different character cards. With these they can build the castle and place their helpers to gain the most victory points.

Game Board

  1. Player Dashboard
  2. Character Cards
  3. Keep
  4. Resource Carts (Sand, Wood, Brick, Stone, Silver)
  5. Trader's Helper
  6. Yet to be constructed Building
  7. Drop-down list of current character cards
  8. Status Indicator
  9. Round Marker

The game board can be moved vertically with either mouse scroll or by dragging whilst holding down the right mouse button.


In the player's dashboard is shown the name of the player and their resources (Name, sand, wood, brick, stone, silver, talers). During the game, small icons are added:

  • Coin = First Player
  • Pawn = Player must choose a card(s)
  • Card = the player has already chosen cards

Starting the Game

Each player begins with 8 role cards, 3x taler, 1x sand and 1x wood. They also have 6 helpers of their color (7 in two-player games).

Flow of the game

With 2/3/4 players the game lasts for 12/15/12 rounds.

At the beginning of the round, the starting player receives a number of talers equal to that shown on the highest round space.

Karte legen

Then all the other players select one of their personal role cards that they want to play in this round (in two-player they selects 2 roles). If you hover the mouse over your player info area, your own role cards are shown. Already played role cards are dark and are not selectable.

Once everyone has chosen, all the selected cards are revealed. Then they are always played in the following order:

  1. Messenger (Bote)
  2. Trader (Händler)
  3. Bricklayer (Maurer)
  4. Stonemason (Steinmetz)
  5. Worker (Arbeiter)
  6. Master Builder (Baumeister)

If several players have chosen the same card, the resolution is by order of play.

Once all cards have been played, the next round begins. The first player marker moves clockwise. Played cards are greyed out and can not be played until the Master Builder is played (see Master Builder).

Messenger (Bote)


The player receives 8 talers from the bank.

Trader (Händler)


The Trader places a helper on a vacant resource field (Carts or Rider).

Gehilfe einsetzen

Only one helper may be placed on each resource field. If all carts are taken, the player may choose whether to place a helper on the rider or to displace another player's helper on the carts. Any helper placed this actual round cannot be displaced. All helpers remain at the selected cart, until they are either are displaced or are removed by the owner to be placed in the castle (see Stonemason and Bricklayer).

Once all Traders have been played (or passed) during this round, the Trader's helpers receive resources: All the Trader's helpers (also Trader's helpers which remain from previous rounds) each receive as many resources displayed next to the resource cart (4x sand, 3x wood, 2x Clay/Stone/Silver).
If no Trader card is played, then no resources are paid out.
The Trader card can be played without placing helpers. In this case all existing helpers receive resources.

Every player who receives resources from the Trader must immediately pay one of each kind of resource they get to the Defense Tower (this happens automatically).

Bricklayer (Maurer)


The Bricklayer receives all resources of one kind from the defense tower.


Click on the desired resource on the Defense Tower.

The Bricklayer may then build up to two buildings. They receive from the bank one taler for each resource used in building. They receive taler(s) but no victory points for building!

If a player erects at least one building, they may place up to two helpers in the castle and earn victory points in final scoring.

Stonemason (Steinmetz)

Steinmetz Aktion

Stonemasons may buy one resource from any player who played a Worker that round for one taler. If there are several Stonemasons, they are played in player order.

Rohstoffe abkaufen

To select the resource, open the drop-down list of current character cards and click on the resource you want.

The following applies:

  • Only the resources on the Worker card can be bought.
  • The Worker must sell, unless it is his last item.
  • In the two-player game, you cannot buy resources with the Stonemason from your own Workers.

The stonemason may then build up to two buildings, just like the bricklayer. However they receive no talers for it, rather, victory points for what the building is worth.

If they built, they can place up to two helpers in the castle.

Worker (Arbeiter)

Arbeiter Arbeiter Arbeiter

As soon as the Worker cards are revealed, the defined resources are placed on every revealed card.

Auswahl Arbeiter

This worker always provides 1 stone. In addition, two other resources can be chosen (not stone or silver though!). To do this simply click on desired resources at the bottom of the card and click 'OK' to confirm.

Players will receive the resources (automatically) later, at the moment the worker phase is played. This is because the Stone Mason may wish to purchase one of these available resources.

Afterwards the workers may also build buildings. However, they receive only the half victory points given on the building.

Master Builder (Baumeister)


If the Master Builder card is played, the player takes all her cards she has played up to now, back on her hand. The Master Builder card may never be played, if the player still has all eight cards on her hand!

In addition, the Master Builder receives 5 victory points for each built buildings (from others). She herself may not build!

In two-player, the Master Builder doesn't score Victory Points for the buildings you built with your other role.

Build buildings

Bricklayers, Stonemasons and Workers may build up to two buildings in their turn.


On the gameplan there are 23 buildings which can be built. On the top left the respective victory score is indicated, which is won with the construction of the building by a Stonemason. Workers receive half the score.

On the top right indicates the value of resources which is necessary to the construction. The resources have the following value:

  • Sand = 1
  • Wood = 2
  • Clay = 4
  • Stone = 5

For every building at least three different resources must be used. The building cost must be exactly paid. "Over-payment" is not possible!


During the construction phase all the buildings, which have not yet been built and you have enough resources for are highlighted in green. Simply click on a building. You can choose again at any time by clicking on another building.

Rohstoffauswahl fürs Bauen

Now you see the resource choice window for the building selected last. Here a resource choice is already selected, namely so that the cheapest resources are used up first. With the help of the question mark in the upper right corner you can put a different composition which deliver the exact value of the selected building. Of course you can also put the resources by hand with the help of the arrows about and under the respective resources. As long as there is a hook indicated in the lower right corner, the building cost can be paid suitably and therefore the building be established. If you have put the desired resource combination, you confirm the construction with a click on the hook.

Besides, silver counts as a joker for any resource type. Every used silver goes to the Forge afterwards.

Placing a helper

Gehilfe einsetzen

In your turn Bricklayers and Stonemasons may put up to two helpers in the castle (not to be mistaken with the Trader's helpers on the resource fields!).

Helpers may only be used if Bricklayer or Stonemason has built at least one building.

Einsetzpunkt für Gehilfen

Helpers can be put within the castle on the taler fields of all already built buildings. The suitable price of talers must be paid for it. The Market and Forge count as built and may be taken from the outset.

  • Only one helper may be placed on each field.
  • A helper is staying on it's place until the end of the game. Unlike the helpers of the Trader, it can't be removed or pushed away.
  • Two helpers of the same color may not be placed in the same building during the same round.
  • Trader's helpers may be pulled off resource fields and be placed in the castle.

The helpers in the castle scores the final evaluation points, according to the building in which they are. Further details is found in the buildings section.

End of the Game

The game ends after 12 or 15 rounds. In the rare case that all buildings are built before the prescribed round number, the game ends in the round in which the last building was built.

Final Scoring

Now the victory points are counted for all helpers, except for the Trader's helpers (see building section).

The player with most victory points wins the game. In case of a tie, the amount of taler is used as a tiebreaker. If there is still a tie, the value (not amount!) of the resources still located in the possession is used as tiebreaker.

By helpers converted talers or resources, do not count with the tiebreaker.

Game Material

Taler and resources are limited. So please keep in mind the following limitations:

They are:

  • 20x Sand
  • 18x Wood
  • 15x clay, stone and silver

In addition:

  • 51x 1 - Taler coins
  • 8x 3 - Taler coins
  • 6x 5 - Taler coins

Game Options



With the winter option, six additional event cards come into play, towers (14, 13), 11, 9, 6 and 4 (see the marks on the display of the towers). At each of these towers is a card discovered before winter to reveal the chosen card characters. The consequences are applied immediately. More information on Winter Cards.