The BSW Magazine

BrettspielWelt Magazin

The BSW Magazine sees itself as the information interface between the players and designers of BSW.

Here you can get exciting and exclusive news from the BSW designers. The makers of BSW provide this blog to communicate with the players of BSW to make more direct contact than is currently possible via the forums. Anyone can read and write there, not just comments, contributions are also welcome. You can always log in as an author, make brief contact with Armistice or others. To contact us see About Us.

As well as exclusive messages from the designers, you can also find out about other important info from within and outside BSW. You get news not only about the MetaGame, you can read reviews about interesting games and you will be informed about the latest tournaments and coming events. Life outside BSW is not forgotten, as sometimes we meet over very real cards and dice. All the latest BSW news and links are there, as well as the opportunity to subscribe to the latest articles or comments via RSS feed. You can browse the archive or search for specific content via keywords.

Of course the focus is on fun, since that is what the designers of BSW wish to provide in this virtual world, more fun than in real life, especially when Gaming.

Vor dem BrettspielWelt Magazin gab es den Yell, der regelmässig als PDF Datei verbreitet wurde.