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The Genesis

The history of BrettspielWelt

Brettspielwelt was developed as a personal initiative by me, Alexander Zbiek, to allow me to play boardgames online with my friends.

Often, we had cosy game evenings together but, as time will have it, they were brought to and end by overseas study, moves and other things that pulled us apart. But even as 'adults' we never lost our enjoyment of games.

At that time, in 1998, in the early years of the JAVA coding, after playing with the code, I saw the opportunity to develop a Board Game which I could use to play with several people over the Internet.

The first version of BSW ran on workstation in the Leibniz computing centre in Munich in 1998, and the first virtual game was born. Unfortunately we did not finish the game, as it aborted early due a program error.

I continued developing my code for a further 2 years. I wanted to see if I could fix those errors, which then genetrated further new problems. But my desire to perfect the code inticed my to often work 16 hours a day until I had achieved my goal.

After I had finished the first version of BSW, with the code being perfected, I provided a WEB Link to my site. I had at that time more people wanting to play than my site was capable of.

There was therefore a need to expand my site so that many people and games could be played. From this genesis grew BSW. I spend many hours on my computer rendering the graphics for this new world.

In order to add more games to this site, I had to develop a stable platform and basic concept.

With Tobias Lang and Sebastian Mellin on the team, I have found how to make my idea live! Together, I now see now the opportunity to network users 'fascinated by board games'.


Service Provider

Brettspielwelt GmbH
Schreinerweg 2d
51789 Lindlar

Tel: 0221-30061950
e-mail: mellin@brettspielwelt.de

Vertretungsberechtigter Geschäftsführer:
Sebastian Mellin

Registergericht: Amtsgericht Köln
Registernummer: HRB 48156
Umsatzsteuer-ID gemäß § 27 a UStG: DE226 994821
Inhaltlich Verantwortlicher gemäß § 55 Abs. 2 RStV:
Sebastian Mellin

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Technical Contact

Alexander Zbiek
Abteistr. 85
56170 Bendorf

About Us

BrettspielWelt started from the private initiative of enthusiastic board game player and programmer. In October 2002 Brettspielwelt Inc. was formed via the development of Catan World Online.

Our goal to convey the "fascination board game" via the Internet. We want to present the users a wide and comprehensive range of board games.

We also strive to bring board gaming to non-gamers via the Internet.

For this reason, entry to BSW is free, so that not only board game fanatics are reached.

Our goal is to love the board game to as many people pass .

Dabei soll aber immer eine freundliche, private Atmosphäre gewahrt bleiben. Trotz "anonymen Internet" streben wir immer das größtmögliche "persönliche Wohnzimmer-Feeling" an.

The user must not only be a passive consumer of the game. Therefore, we are always looking for new ways to give interested parties with an opportunity to introduce himself constructively and creatively in the world .

In the center of our work is always the fun of the users in the world. For suggestions and wishes for the further development of the BSW from the group of users, therefore we are always open.

However, we reserve the right to make the final decisions on what we create and develop here at BSW.

The Team

UsernameReal NameMain areas at BrettspielWelt
ARMisticeAlexander ZbiekInitiator and founder, programming, technics, concept, graphics
MadmaxSebastian MellinProgramming, editorial, concept, public relations
TORBENTobias LangEditorial, championships
YordanStefan StranzWebpages, CSS, user support, forum, handy-man
SLCSven LogesPuppets, programming, technics
KartoffelAndrea TimmGraphics, user photos
TheBoomerJeffrey BakalchuckEnglish user support, translations
StechmuckSebastian RoskiTool programming, technical problems
LysianaDiana MühlenkampFeature-Requests (proposed changes), organizing events, Facilitation
NessiDoris KuehnUser care, website, forum
poschdiFlorian MühlenkampPrizes, Tournament Support, Feature Requests

There are countless other users who translate, write instructions, help newbies, moderate the forums, form a fairness-board, work for the BrettspielWelt magazine blog, hold guild-tournaments, organize live-meetings, help at the fair booth, and send us bugs, ideas, and constructive comments, and much, much more. Our thanks go to all of you, although we can not specify each one of you.

BrettspielWelt lives because of you!

The layout of the webpages is based on Yet Another Multicolumn Layout from Dirk Jesse.


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The Website reminds it's users in the terms and conditions for using this web site. No material which is subject to copyright, or might harm a third party should be submitted. We cannot exclude however that material, brought by users does not jeopardize existing copyright.

We will immediately remove illegal content and references as such, as soon as we know about them.

If you discover contents, which are subject to your copyright on this site (www.brettspielwelt.de) then please refer it to us. We will remove the material concerned immediately from the server or will emphasize your copyright if desired.